:) :) :) :) *plants virtual flag in virtual ground, triumphantly* GRADUATED today !!!!!

Wow, what a journey...

Ran my final run of week 9 this morning with Running Buddy. Beautiful day, we went further than we'd run before, including a HILL, chatting from time to time as we ran (ok, maybe more like monosyllabic grunts at each other for the last 10 mins). But it felt GREAT.

As we ran, I reflected on how far we'd come since week 1 - when neither of us could puff our way through 1 minute without fear of collapse. I remembered too the tough time of it through weeks 6 and 7 when I thought I'd never do a run without suffering for 2 days/walking like I'd lost my horse afterwards, and that my calves were going to disintegrate at any moment.

I remembered my shock at discovering for pretty much the first time in my life I actually ENJOYED exercise, and that strange sensation of needing to/wanting to run... turns out a leopard CAN change her spots after all. I'm still a bit shocked about that, truth be told.

And now I can run. For 30 minutes, and possibly more. My legs don't hurt, but I can feel the muscles working. Best of all, the slightly-too-tight black cropped running leggings I bought in the wrong size and was too wobbly to wear (without looking like my legs were made of a selection of large jellies in a bin bag) now seem to do the job nicely :) Oh look - there WERE muscles under there...

So, to all of you just starting out on this adventure, GO FOR IT - if I can make it, you can. And to all of you who graduated ages ago, who keep blogging here and encouraging the rest of us - THANK YOU. It's made all the difference, kept me going when things were tough, and, well, made a runner out of me.

And can I have my nice green badge now, please!


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13 Replies

  • whoop, whoop! well done poulet :)

    i so love reading all the graduation blogs as it reminds me of the journey we have all come on!

  • fantastic and what a fabulous feeling it is.

    For your badge contact JR21.

  • many many congratulations on graduating - well deserved :)

  • Very well done !

    Here's the link so you can claim your well deserved badge:


  • Nice one Poulet - congratulations :-)

  • WOOOOOOOO - way to go poulet!!

    Many congratulations :) :)

  • Yay! well done :)

  • Brilliant! Well done, poulet - you deserve it! :-)

  • Congratulations and celebrations :)

  • THANK YOU :) (still smiling)

  • Woo hoo!! Well done poulet!! :D

  • Fantastic poulet, well done! Looking forward to seeing your graduate badge.

    How many of us have to say 'if I can do this anyone can' before all the world believes us and gets off the couch??

  • ha ha, that's so very true! Yes, looking forward to my badge too. Either JR21 is on holiday, or has gone for a VERY long run :)

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