Week 8 Runs 2 and 3 - Slept 15 hours!

I'm nearing the end of my C25K and I'm up to running 4.17km with an average speed of 6:42kph and I'm hoping to hit that 5k run excluding the warm up and cool down by the time I do Week 9 RUn 3. HOWEVER last night (Run 3) I slept for 15 hours - I'm not aching but I'm just exhausted and after Run 2 I felt the same but I had to get up even though I felt like a zombie until lunch-time. I'm eating a slice of malt-loaf before my run, and an apple and some cheese after my run as suggested by Women's Running for energy and muscle repair. I getting through the runs though it would be easy to throw in the towel which I refuse to do because I know I can get through the run. Has anyone else gone through this - at the moment I can't be bothered to run tomorrow (I run Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays religiously). Many thanks.

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  • As a thought: might you be anemic? The extra exercise might be using up your B12 and iron stores. It's worth supplementing. Because I'm vegetarian and have PCOS, I supplement with vit D, magnesium, zinc, iron, multi-vit B's and omega 3 oils. It may be worth getting a blood test to check this out with your GP

  • For the first few weeks of the programme I crashed out on the sofa before 8pm on run days but that extreme tiredness wore off eventually. Perhaps, if this level of exhaustion is new to you, you could either be anaemic as tanyag said or just trying to run too fast. Try slowing down a bit. You don't have to do 5k to graduate, just ( just?? ) run for 30 minutes. Good luck

  • I'm wondering if you might be pushing yourself too hard. Not getting injured thankfully but wearing yourself out. How about slowing right down. The aim is to build up to running 30 mins....not necessarily the whole 5k in that time. Very very many of us don't do 5k til some time after graduation. So maybe concentrate on lasting the time but at a slower pace... "A light jog" is all that's required... And you'd probably enjoy it more. It sounds like you've almost put yourself off. ... Also perhaps have an extra rest day. Then if the exhausted feeling doesn't improve that'd be when to get checked for any underlying illness. Fingers crossed for you. Happy ( slower!) running. X

  • I'm with Jaqs on this one - I'd try slowing it down a tad for a few weeks... the longer runs take it out of you and your body is still getting used to the new demands you're putting on it. The point of C25K (despite the unfortunate naming) is to get you moving in a "running motion" for 30 minutes non-stop, 3 times a week...

    Don't tempt injury or get yourself too tired to go on and putting yourself on running... you're so close to graduation and have the rest of your (now much longer) life to work on speed if that's what you want to do...

    Slow and steady - we learn to walk before we learn to run, but don't run so hard you can't walk... :)

  • Ooh I didn't think about the anaemia which I have been since a child - how stupid of me! Tomorrow I'll buy the supplements because I don't eat meat apart from chicken and fish (don't ask but life is slightly easier with the in-laws!!).

    With regards to pace - this is going to sound stupid but I already feel that I'm jogging on the spot - the friends I run with speed off ahead leaving me to examine their backsides which takes the focus off how many more minutes I've got to go, but I do not make any attempt to stay with them because it's not a race plus they can't half talk - they just don't shut-up whereas I'm trying to alter my breathing pattern to make things easier.

    I really appreciate all your replies - here we go supplements and not being too hard on myself!

  • Given the anaemia then your pace may well be fine for you ... that's a more sensible reason for the tiredness.. Some of my mates are 26.2 milers and they are crazy... I catch up to them at the pub...

  • I did feel pretty shattered after my w7r3 yesterday but I think I've got a slight virus or something as I've also got a sore throat.

    I've also been using the MyFitnessPal and I've noticed my iron intake is very, very low and iron is vital for carrying oxygen around the body and to the muscles. I've just bought myself an iron supplement to see if that helps.

    This is what I bought today:


  • Well I'm definitely getting those supplements!

    Another thing I've noticed is how people are saying that Couch to 5K is a misleading title because it pressures people to complete 5k by the end of Week 9 Run 3 whereas it should be Couch to 30 Minute Run - it doesn't trip off the tongue though does it?!

  • I agree ;) I think people are capable of knowing what they want out of the c25k and are able to make that decision for themselves.

  • Totally agree.. it's an unfortunate name and it's been discussed at length here... There's a lot of posts (including some from me) about the need to stop worrying about time/distance as we're all different... the only race is against ourselves...

    As Bart Yasso says so well - "I often hear someone say I'm not a real runner. We are all runners, some just run faster than others. I never met a fake runner."

  • There was a Race for Life last Sunday and people were surprised I didn't do it - my response is that 1000m is a long way to go when you're shattered after 4.17km. Anyway I've signed up for a 5k run in September - a more realistic goal I think.

    The other thing that annoys me is how these running magazines call anything less than a half-marathon an 'easy run' - sort of supplementing that daily preamble of 20k before you hit the gym!

  • Since W8R2 I've been KNACKERED and i think it's my iron levels too, have kind of forgot to take my tablets recently and have been almost unable to get out the bed in the morning!

    Floradix is the answer I think...

  • Make sure your rest days really are restful. I know I went from little running to graduating and you really notice it if you miss a day or are too energetic on a rest day. Your body is being stressed and it needs to repair but you are getting fitter day by day. Good luck

  • I'm forcing myself not to do my seven minute HIT this evening - which makes me feel as though I've left myself down and today I did just over 4000 steps compared to just over 19,000 yesterday in a bid to take it easy. Funny how I never liked running before the C25K but how routine just gets into your system - I've surprised myself.

  • Remember folks that you can get nutrients from food.

    Supplements don't have to be the first port of call.

  • I just got back from Week 8 Run 2, and I too couldn't run any slower without it becoming a walk - and I'm feeling very sleepy all day too. In the early weeks it was the opposite - I ached, but I felt wide awake. Glad I'm not the only one. Maybe I'll try some iron supplements.

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