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Dreamin' Big

I have been remiss with my blog writing, letting two entire runs go through without an update. Week 5, run 3, the big scary 20 minute monster, went off without a hitch. Actually, I wanted to finish my normal route, so I ran for a minute or two after Laura said to stop so that I could make it the whole way. I went extremely slowly, but I made it the whole way. Truth be told, I felt pretty darn proud of myself.

I rested a couple more days and went out again. It felt anticlimactic to run 5 and 8 minute intervals after going for 20 minutes without a break. And honestly, I felt pretty lousy today, with an aching hip, uncomfortable weather, and a missed dose from my inhaler. I guess I want more glory more often.

But I was sooo tired afterwards. I could barely stay up for my shower. And when I got cleaned up and napped, I dreamed.

I dreamt that I was thin. I had strong, slender legs. I had a ripped, firm stomach, with a full 6 pack. I had hard arms with biceps and triceps rippling. It was the body I always wanted, the one I never had, even when I was a teenager, the one I couldn't even picture awake. And it was mine, at least for a few minutes while I slept.

But when I woke, I guess I felt inspired. I may never look exactly like in my dream, but I can do my best to be as healthy as I can. And, I can learn to run. I found a 5 and 10K run scheduled for September. So shall I go for it? Just how big should I dream?

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Go for it you can definitely do it!

Bet you can do the 5K much sooner than that.



I plan to do 5K sooner than that... at least on my own... by the end of June. I was thinking about the 10K for September, although that might be a bit aggressive time-wise.


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