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Please tell me I will feel better about it

I have literally just got off my tred mill having done week 3 run 1 and atm feel I never want to get back on. I got to 2 mins and legs were really hurting in my calfs my chest was heaving managed to get to end of 1st 3 then the second 3 was hell all the above but felt sick too. Slowed down a little and the last 15 seconds I had to hold on was determined to do it.

Just a little background in case you dont know me. Nearly 60 never run anywhere in my life, and before I started this programme 30 seconds nearly had me dieing.

I know I am not going too fast I can fast walk at 4mph .

I do the walking on 3.3 the 90 seconds on 4.2 and tried the 3 mins at 4mph I had to drop this to 3.8 to finish I cant go any slower so what are my options.

Just writing this has made me realise I did finish it though so should feel proud.

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You should definitely feel proud! That is a huge achievement :-) . TBH I would have your rest day (or two) and give the same run another go (at your slowest possible speed right from the start). I bet you'll find it easier than today as you will be mentally prepared for it (if not exactly looking forward to it!) and your fitness does build up really quickly. If it's still hell, then there's no shame in dropping back to the previous week to consolidate.

But it might just have been 'one of those days' - lots of things like what you've eaten (and how recently - I can't cope if I've eaten less than 3 hours before running), hydration level, even the weather/temperature can affect your run. Keep going at whatever pace you can manage - you obviously have a ton of determination which will stand you in great stead! Look forward to hearing how you get on :-)


Have you tried a little jog outside? You might just find it easier than indoors. I find the fresh air really helps. Also, I read somewhere that, in the early days, if you can slow down your jog without walking then you are going too fast.

In the end you got there and that's fantastic! You can always repeat the same run and I bet it feels easier next time. Take your time, and you will find it gets easier and the aches and pains lessen (if you stretch properly after each run).


I have tried outside running but find it incredibly hard on the knees in a lot of pain for days after. Obviously muscles very week so was hoping to build them up using treadmill. It’s in an outside room so always leave door open and look out onto the garden. Perhaps will try to slow down slightly too.

Thank you for encouragement received 50 minutes on it’s when I try again not never ever ever.


Week 3 run 1 was rough for me too. Felt the same way - lots of doubts but run 2 was easier. Might be worth taking a second rest day if you are not feeling 100% recovered (works for me) and see if you can slow down a bit. I think it is important to remember that if you are older it does take a little longer for your body to adjust - I repeated week 2 three times until I felt my muscles were coping well. I am sure you'll be ok.


I thought I was running slowly, (and I was) but my friend said to go slower still and I did and I just enjoyed it so much more. I started on a treadmill and finished up running on grass. Don't let a 'bad run' put you off.


I did it on the treadmill this time having hurt my knees on previous attempts running outdoors. I am just startign week 9 and am finally able to hit the road without injuring myself so I would definitely agree with starting on the treadmill if that is a problem for you.

I also took the advice to slow down a bit and it really worked for me so I would also pass that on.

Please believe me when I say that 2 months ago it really, REALLY hurt me to run for the 60 seconds and as I looked at the weeks ahead I didn't think I could do it but here I am.

This forum has been brilliant every time i've had a wobble and it's given me a kick up the ass to carry, carry on!! You'll do it! :)


Thanks MamaG Tapira I will of course try again maybe Monday as I cant do Tuesday but I will see how my knee is as it has started hurting too.

Whatever I will definately slow done and see what happens.

I thought I would be laughed at for the speed(or maybe that should be lack of)I was running at.


Every time I have questioned my speed on here I have been told that it's really not important. All that matters is completing the time. I still don't run fast at all but my focus for now is finishing week 9 no matter what distance I cover - speed can come later!

This is a supportive, encouranging place where I've seen no criticism, only friendly helpful advice and I'm pretty sure no one here would tolerate any mocking of anyone's difficulties! I feel safe here! :)

I hope you have a good run next time :D


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