Graduation Day!

I've just come back from my final run! I can't believe that nine weeks has passed and this is where I am.

As I was doing my penultimate run on Wednesday, I realised that learning to run is like learning to drive. There is so much to do all at the same time - breathing, moving your legs, looking where you're going...!! Our brains are amazing and it doesn't take long for it to adjust.

I struggled terribly on weeks 6 to 8, almost giving up because I thought I wasn't cut out for running. So, on the morning of run 1 / week 9, I dubiously stepped out. "This is going to be awful" I told myself.

"Okay, you're 5 minutes is up..." I began to run (I think subconsciously, a little slower than usual). At the 5 minute point - where I usually feel very despondant - I was feeling great. I tottered along, not even feeling terribly out of breath. So this was what everyone meant!

I came back and was elated. I'd run for 30 minutes and not stopped. I'd run for THIRTY minutes and ENJOYED it!! But in my mind I was thinking "It must've been a fluke."

So, back to Run 2. Just as I'd climbed up the hill that I hate so very much, I realised that my body has accepted this challenge. My brain has clicked on to what I'm trying to do and is working with me... It wasn't a fluke at all!

And having just come back from my graduation run, I still feel the same. Yes, it's still quite hard to do, but so much easier than when I started.

If you're only just starting out, keep going. It's going to be tough, but that really, really hard run you wanted to give up on but didn't, has just made you that little bit tougher.

Finally, thankyou so much to C25K and also to all of you guys on here. You've been a massive support for me, telling me to push on when I needed it the most. What a great programme :)


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13 Replies

  • Congratulations on graduating :) You know need to get your shiny graduate badge

  • Thanks! Yes, have literally just sent the chap a message for my badge! :D

  • im hoping to have this elation in a day or so!!

  • It'll be great, you can do it!! :)

  • Thanks for the inspiration and congratulations!!!

  • Well done Jade, many congratulations on your graduation.

  • Good one Jade, though it's likely only the beginning of an ever increasing obsession!

  • How do you get a gaduate badge? On week so I have time yet :P

  • *On week 8 i meant

  • If you type "Graduate" into the search bar at the top, you should see a blog post by JR21 who dishes them out. You just have to send him a message or write a reply on the blog x

  • congratulations Jade :)

  • Congratulations Jade, well done for keeping going. :)

  • Massive congratulations Jade!!!! YOU ARE AN ATHLETE!!!!! :)

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