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Abandoned graduation run - everything went against me:(

Well R1 and 2 of week 9 passed without incident (though I can't speed up in the last 5minutes at this level). I was wondering where to fit in R3 last week as I moved out of my home on Friday while it is having building works.

I was pretty tired and stressed with the move so as I'd booked Monday (yesterday) as a day off I thought I'd prepare to do it then. It kept me smiling the thought of graduating when things kept going wrong last week.

Got up bright and early yesterday, saw my youngest off to school then realised all my running gear was still in bags. Miraculously the first one I checked they were in... The car was out of petrol, whilst filling up my phone rang - the building contractors had arrived a day early. I turned around went to meet them, half an hour wasted.

I set off again to the local country park where race for life is held. I know the 5k route there as I Marshall and have walked it before. It was blowing a gale across the open ground so took another path for shelter. Steep uphill and I realise wrong path I'm climbing to the peak of the hill instead of skirting it. I got back onto to right track, 5 minutes had past but I still didn't feel comfortable. 10 minutes running through the woods and I'm still not in the 'zone'. I exited the woods at 15 minutes, full on face wind blowing a gale. So I stopped.

I could have gone on but it wasn't how I wanted it to be. I was overtired, too much going on in my head and that wind was snatching my breath away.

I'll try again on Wednesday night. Back to work today and not a breath of wind!

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Chin up, all is not lost and you have discovered some new paths in your environment - even if they are ones you'll avoid in the future. You're right: you had far too many things on your mind yesterday for success. Give yourself until tomorrow to adjust to everything at home and try again for the gentle path to graduation. You'll do it - you have everyone on here wishing you well. All the best, will wait til later for mega congrats. :) Linda x


Good luck with the run tomorrow. Hopefully the wind will stay away for you :)


One of the really great things about sport and exercise is that it normally dominates what you are doing and excludes all other thoughts of work, problems, life, etc. Conversely if those thoughts are crowding in on you then your mind will be elsewhere and you won't be able to do the sport well.

So just write it down as an extra 15 minute run and look forward to a great graduation run tomorrow. :)


All the best for the re-run - hopefully you've dealt with all the things that can go wrong now, and it'll go really smoothly! :)


Thank you all for your support. The bills keep mounting and one of my cats is appealing against being kept inside in a very antisocial way grrrr but I'm going to use running as my escape. I'll post again tomorrow asking for my badge and teeshirt :-) x


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