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Graduation day!

Yesterday completed run 3 of week 9!

Actually, I more than completed it, because I'd set myself a distance target, and hadn't quite reached it by the time Laura said I could stop, so I kept going for another 90 seconds or so :)

I'm not managing 5k in my 30 minutes, but to be honest, I never expected to, as I have too many joint issues, and I'm carrying too much weight, but now I know I can run for more then 30 minutes, I can keep building up to running for longer, and then eventually I *will* manage to run for 5k!

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Well done! I never expected to cover 5 k in 30 mins either, and still can't. But I've just gradually built up the time (not the speed - being careful of joints...)and today managed 7k in 56 minutes - it's only wk 11 for me, I've not pushed myself, and have been really amazed at the progress that's followed from graduation. You'll probab;ly find you can do that 5 k in a few weeks, and very soon it won't seem like "enough" and you'll want to carry on. Once you get a rhythm, it's relatively easy to just keep plodding on slowly. All the best!


Congratulations, that shiny 'Graduate' badge looks just damn fine.

Good effort to have pushed through the 30 mins, there can be no doubt you did it. The '5K in 30 mins' thing will come in time, and will give you something to work towards. You do need goals after graduation.


Fantastic! Well done!

I'm now aiming to get a 5K done in 30 minutes as my next target. Current time is 37mins, so plenty of work to do!


Woo hoo!!

Congratulations!! :)


Well done love the badge and 5km will come with time happy running x x


Awesome! Well done!


Congratulations will get to 5K eventually, the main thing is you've completed the programme,you can run for 30 minutes( which is awesome) proud :)


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