That's it I've graduated!!!! Week 9 - Final Run - Couch to 5K

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That's it I've graduated!!!! Week 9 - Final Run

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Hi everyone!

I've done it! I'm so happy, I feel so good! It was definitely the wettest run I've done so far, it was chucking it down, good old vertical out in it for 2 minutes and you're soaked rain!!!!! Awesome.........haha!

I am so chuffed because the distance and time per km are a pb for me! So now it's onward and upward for weight loss and fitness. Fingers crossed I can aim for 10K but for now I'm just going to enjoy it. The run tonight and the run on Wednesday were so much easier, I couldn't believe it. I thought that perhaps Wednesday's run was a lucky one but tonight was just as great!

If you're just starting out, keep going because I am still about 4 stone overweight and have done it. Never in a million years after week 1 did I ever think it possible.

Thanks for all your support, you have all been in my pocket egging me on! <3

Come on Saul - don't keep me in suspense!!!!! ;-)

Elsie xxxx

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Elsie, that's amazing, you did it and should feel very fabulous and proud! I don't think its luck with the good runs, I think it's your hard work paying off and so it should be :)

Very, very well done to you. Keep it up... You'll have 10k in the bag in no time, you sound like a very determined and strong lady. Enjoy the fun runs in the meantime though!

Nat x

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Congratulations! Welcome to the grad lounge ;) Now the world is your oyster - you've worked hard, enjoy your running and keep us posted on your progress!

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Been following you and Saul - a real inspiration. Well done on graduating! We week 5ers will hopefully be joining you in a month's time!

I am assuming that distance includes your warm up and cool down in which case that's a pretty good time overall. Very, very well done.

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Well done! Just keep on doing what your doing at the moment, forget about 10k for a while!

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Many Congratulations Elsie !

Its been an absolute joy following your progress on here .

Well done and Happy Running ! :-) xxx

Massive well done to you! Keep up the good work in all of your future runs! :)

Well done! I'm just starting out and it's great to see your post and that it is possible. I'm 3 stone overweight and at the minute finding it hard. On day 2, but will get there. xx

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"... from that day on, if I were going somewhere I was running!" :)

Congratulations Elsie!

Oh Elsie I can feel your joy through your post. Congratulations. :) You must be so proud of yourself for completing the course. You're right, now you can do 30 min runs you will start to really tone up and slim down... go get your badge and weat it with pride.... :)

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Congratulations! I hope you feel very proud. I've enjoyed sharing your journey.

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Congratulations on graduating Elsie! Hope you continue to enjoy your running, like so many of us!

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Yay!!! Congratulations!! Well done you. You must feel such a sense of achievement. I will be joining you as a graduate on Sunday and we can throw our virtual mortar boards in the air :)

Elsie you have your badge. It looks great. Where is Saul though.. surely not still out running.. do you think he has been kidnapped by foxes?

or been hoisted on everyone's shoulders in the football ground...

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ElsieWGraduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Ooooo I do, that was quick! Thanks admin!

I don't know where he is, I'm a bit worried. It's late eh? I'm sure something will appear soon. Haha I can just imagine him being hoisted and cheered. I hope he appears soon, I'm desperate to know how he did!

E xxx

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Elsie.... amazing. Congratulations and very well done. We were all glad to run along with you...

Bask in the well deserved glory... focus on the now, not the next and just run for joy! :)

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I say boom boom boom let me hear u say wayo!

Well done running partner, you've done it! Graduated with honours! Your goal was to set a pb and you managed it. Such a sense of achievement isn't it.

And yes.... I managed to graduate as well.....just!!

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BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to saul01

Phew Saul so happy to hear that you graduated tonight with Elsie.

Fantastic very well done. :)

Keep running that parkrun bekons...

You and Elsie have done so well to complete the program so quickly over the Christmas period. A true inspiration for those in earlier stages.

Hope you carry on building on your success and enjoying your running. :)

Congratulations Elsie! Very well done indeed really enjoyed following yours and Sauls posts! Celebration time 😆

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Well done and congratulations! Love running in the rain 😊 Keep posting your progress it's been a joy to read.

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Way to go Elsie! Massive congratulations.

*!*E L S I E*!*

So happy for you , never doubted for a minute that you'd make it :) Here's to many years of good running ahead of you. And that Saul - guy must have wings on his sportshoes!

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Brilliant Elsie big congratulations to you :) you will go from strength to strength now xx

absolutely brilliant effort Elsie, its been great watching you progress, and in fact pushing me along slightly ahead. so chufed for you :)

Congratulations. Keep running 😊

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Thank you so much for all your support! You are all such inspirational people and I've been honoured to be welcomed in the way I have.

I've had one heck of a few years and this feels like a new beginning for me!

Thanks and I will be hanging around!!!!! :-) :-) :-)

Elsie xxx

Good work lady! I'm pleased to hear you say it gets easier, I'm at the end of week 7 and it feels hard, and im a big bird too :-)

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