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Running clothes for larger ladies

Excitement in Sainsburys supermarket on a Friday night! Yes really.

Our branch in deepest Somerset (and presumably the rest of the country) have started selling wicking t - shirts (£10) and bottoms (£13). Sizes are up to 24 and the bottoms come in different lengths. Tops are long enough not to rid up when you run (have been living in constant fear of exposing tummy button to unsuspecting British public). Ok colours are black and the complusory weird pink shade but you can't have everything...

Sorry if this sounds like an ad for S but I have found that most sports sites think extra large is a size 16!

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That's great news! I have a friend who struggled to find running clothes in a larger size. I'll let her know :)

Black and pink seems to be the colours we're meant to wear! Its all I ever see! I'm fed up of being in dayglo pink. I really don't want the attention that offensive colour attracts! :D


Yes I am a big fan of the 3/4 length bottoms they sell for £8 (they have a grey stripe round the top). The top can fold over but I leave it up as it helps conceal the tummy! They come in full length too. They also have a long sleeveless top in at the moment which covers a multitude of sins and the shoulders are wide enough to wear a substantial bra.

Another source of good clothing that someone mentioned earlier is a web site called achillesheel. They have good sale items and I just bought a great running jacket there for £25 reduced from £60.


thanks for that x


I clicked for the 25% off and managed to pick up a pair of 3/4 capri style 'running' tights - they actually make me feel a tad more like a proper runner! (Think Race for Life has kind of dicatated the bright pink on ladies fitness stuff...)


I was thinking of buying some running clothes-I know where to go now. Thank you for the info.


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