Just completed week 3, run 3. Wow! It's going well! I haven't done 3 minutes running for 25 years!

Need some advice though. If I could buy one piece of appropriate clothing what should I buy to start me off (after the trainers of course). I'm noticing more sweat as I put more effort in. At the moment I wear old baggy cotton track suit bottoms, cotton t-shirt, bodywarmer, raincoat (!), thermal hat and thermal gloves (well, it is cold out there!)

I passed a man jogging today, he looked very sleek in his tights and whatever else he had on....! Not sure if I want to wear running tights, certainly not yet!


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  • I'll be following this with interest. The idea of 'running' clothes is a new, a pretty surreal, concept to me....

  • another total essential is a sports bra and running socks :-)

    After trainers, socks and sports bra I would go for a 'technical top' - which is basically a top made from synthetics rather than cotton - this will help wick the sweat away from your body and keep you warm and dry.

    Aside from my 'technical top' I still run in cotton jogging/gym trousers and use a normal light shower proof jacket. I will probably treat myself to some proper running bottoms/tights when I graduate and the weather gets warmer (to avoid a sweaty botty :-D ) and I also have my eye on a proper running jacket.

    Another thing I did buy was a buff - which is basically a tube of material you can use as a scarf/headband (keeps ears warm)/hat etc etc this has been very useful for me too.

  • The best buys I made, other than gloves and hat (and proper running shoes) were a lightweight showerproof running jacket (reflective, bright yellow, so good for safety, too) and some extremely tight base layer shorts (strictly for wearing under more 'socially acceptable' clothing!)

    The top stopped me using the rain as an excuse not to go out and the shorts help stop my thighs from aching - which was a major problem earlier in the course.

    Ooh, also some running socks - padded and breathable.

  • agree - hi viz showerproof jacket - then there's no excuse.

  • Can I make it two items? If you shop around, you should be able to get both a technical top and lightweight windproof/showerproof jacket for £20 (£25-£30 if you go for a slightly better jacket.

    When you get your running shoes do get some running socks.

    Other than that you can you wear 'everyday' stuff like gloves, hat. etc.

  • I'm in Week 8 and still wearing what I started off with, namely a couple of long sleeved cotton t-shirts, a light windcheater style jacket and some old tracksuit bottoms. Also running socks, a hat and gloves.

    I'l stick with them until I graduate and will probably only get some specialist gear once it gets warmer as I don't mind the sweat at the minute, indeed I consider it reward for my efforts. A sign I'm exerting myself.

  • I love my running tights! I have a pair that are lightly fleece lined for winter. After wearing them, I will invest in compression capris and shorts fir the warmer weather. I take a long sleeved running shirt and tie it at the waist to cover my bum. Anyone seeing me will think I'm removing layers as I run. ;-) Not brave enough get to show my bum in public! :-) Gayle

  • Great, many thanks for all your comments. I think I'm going to wait a bit longer, and use the purchase of a top as a reward, as Fingalo says. I would hate to spend money on something then give up (not that I have any intention at the moment). I have sports socks, but are running socks any different?

  • You can get some good quality stuff that doesn't cost the earth in Sports Direct. Have a look for the Karrimor range. I would recommend a base layer which you wear tight to your skin and stops the sweaty feeling and any rubbing, and maybe some kind of compression for your legs which helps keep muscles warm and avoid injury. You can then pretty much wear whatever you want over them!

  • Had spotted the Karrimor range in our local Sports Direct, so will go try some on when next in town.

  • I'd start with socks More Mile from Amazon are good, designed for running and not too dear.

    Base layers for running and outdoor sports seem to be much the same - polyester sometimes with spandex or lycra with a mesh weave - so I go for what I can find that's on offer. The wicking effect is much more comfortable than cotton and they wash and dry quicker.

    Lidl's look like they will have some sports stuff later this week. TK Maxx is worth a look. It means digging through disorganised rails but you can pick up a good stuff cheap. They now seem to have an online site. Also if you have an outlet centre near you, there are usually a good range of sports and outdoor stores. Go Outdoors has a small running section as well as the hiking stuff as has Decathlon.

  • Thanks, will take a look at the socks, although my sports socks seem fine so far. I think a base layer is a good start, then I assume it will carry over into the warmer weather?

  • Yes I'm currently wearing a long sleeved top over a base layer which I wear in the summer.

  • got my base layer long sleeved top & leggings from lidl/aldi a couple of months ago. £10 each & well worth the money. I only wear them if its really cold but they are brilliant. meant for skiwear I think but does the job.

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