A little help needed from the Ladies

I need some suggestions for running wear. I'm short in the leg and also of a larger size. As winter approaches I want a pair of full length leggings. I want something comfortable, preferably in a wicking fabric but not ridiculously expensive. Everything I try is either only in small sizes or when I do find a larger size then they're miles too long. I've managed up to now in a pair of 3/4 length bottoms but not sure I want bare legs in winter.

Have any of you got any suggestions?


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15 Replies

  • I bought some three quarter length running trousers but it is getting cold 😑 and my legs are short, did u try Sports Direct?

  • I did, nothing in my size,except one make that I think was made for a giraffe! It was quite depressing really, I felt like screaming. Not all runners are tall and slim!

  • I know, I need size 16 but doesn't mean I am a giant, that's y I bought three quarter length but ur right, it's getting cold. Will b interested to see what people say too 😀 Julie

  • I got my running tights from primark. Being 5ft3 they are a little long but as long as you don't get the ones with zips on the ankles once you get your trainers on they don't look too bad. Most expensive ones are £9 and they are very comfy, the extra material around your ankles will keep them warm :)

  • Look for comfort, wash them in case they shrink then cut the legs to suit. Turn them in to do a hem and put it through the sewing machine or by hand as it wouldn't be much to do.

  • What about three quarter length plus long socks? Haven't tried it myself yet (grateful for any cooling I can get!) but may have to as I have the opposite problem :-)

  • I was going to say long socks as well.

    To be honest it may not be an issue. I've not worn my long leggings for a couple of years ago now, I don't find my lower legs get too cold. I was in a vest, long sleeved t-shirt and shorts most of last winter. 'Course, it's not snowed (in this part of the world) for a couple of years now, if we get snow then I might go back into the long ones.

  • Wouldn't you think more sports shops would cater for petite ladies. I'm tall, so don't have your issue. Must be annoying. I was going to suggest taking them up and putting a hem on, although that sounds like a lot of work.

  • I use Asda's leggings. Don't know how well they'll do in the cold. They don't have any fancy wicking technology fabric in them, but I don't find them soggy after I've run for half an hour. They were £10 for 2 pairs, and are now sold individually at £6 a pop. They go up to size 24 which fit me even when I was a size 26. I am 5' 4.5" with short-ish legs and haven't found them overwhelming in length. At that price it is probably OK to risk cutting them shorter if you need to as an experiment and see how it goes.

    Simply Be (www.simplybe.co.uk) has leggings if you search on Sport. Ellesse Fitness Leggings (£32) go up to a Size 28 and have "moisture management". Same for Performance Leggings (£25), which also have reflectors on the back of the calf. I don't know how long in the leg these are as I'm just looking at them myself.

    Good luck on your search.

  • I'm short in the leg too and my long tights wrinkle at the ankle, not perfect but my legs do stay warm! I've not come across a short leg version of tights whereas ever supermarket now stocks long and short leg jeans.......perhaps we just need to wait a few more years 😉

  • I'm also short am considering 3/4 lengths and longer socks to cover the bare skin bit :)

  • Yep. Nike Filament ladies full length running tights. Zip leg. Sportsdirect have them. I have worn mine solidly since I started running two years ago. I am going to treat myself to a new pair cos I'm worth it. Tee hee

  • I am 5ft bought a pair of leggings things from Primark under £10, men's running Small/medium Tshirt and Have a zip up hoodie which helps keep warm or cool. this is what I am using at the moment.

    I will be avidly reading posts for advice, plus I have googled winter running gear for women, interesting ideas and various prices.

    Glen :)

  • PS I am also of a larger size :)

  • Thermal long johns underneath your existing 3/4 leggings, and/or long socks? It's worth looking at size guides by brand as there is a lot of variety, you may find you can buy more 3/4 styles (often called crops)

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