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A bit of a basic question, I run either in some sports capri leggings or some long leggings (flappy round the bottom not tight) - I'm happy with those, apart from I need a pair with the little zip pocket at the back, you would not believe where my car key was heading yesterday!. Maybe a little waist belt would solve that? I wear a selection of t-shirts, often just the shirt I've worn that day (I do change into sports bra though). Generally that seems to be OK, but on the hottest runs it was a bit sticky. Are 'technical' shirts good, they seem a bit 'polyester' to me and not sure if they wouldn't stick. Can anyone recommend a good one/fabric/brand, I don't want to spend a fortune and would probably need to buy 2 0r 3. Hopefully in 3 weeks time I'll be wearing a Graduate T shirt but would need others as well. Thank you


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  • Technical shirts are waaaaaay better in warm weather than cotton ones and all of mine weren't expensive. My local running shop does their own brand which I use and I also have some from sports direct which are cheap too. You'll also find cheap karrimor run capri's in sports direct and they do have the little pocket in the back, or they do running belts which are cheap too but I can't comment on how comfy they are since I don't use one. People also rave about Aldi's running gear which is reasonable but I've never tried it. Running gear doesn't have to be expensive (other than bra/shoes which are definitely worth investing in, you certainly don't want to be looking like Charlie dimmock or getting injured!) Happy shopping!

  • I run with a run belt, it's fine and I hardly notice it, elastic and neoprene with a pocket for phone, car keys, emergency money and plasters and with loops for gel sachets (never used). I ordered a new one this morning which comes with 2 little bottles for longer runs, will probably update on how that is once I've had a few runs out with it. The only problem I've had was last week during race for life I wasn't wearing my technical tee, but a cotton one from the team I was with, this is a bit shorter than my normal ones which meant that there was a gap between my shorts and tee that my belt slipped into so I've a small ouch mark (abrasion seems to harsh a word for it), not that I even knew about the rub until I saw the mark, no ouch at all. Get one that's adjustable, make sure you've got it in a snug place, they like to be round your natural waist which is the smallest part of you, but I've seen them round hips as well.

    The difference between technical tees and cotton tees (and other items of clothing) is that the technical fabric doesn't hold water, I'm not sure what it does with it because I reckon I sweat just as much but it doesn't feel wet, so much more comfortable. As Lovefood says they don't have to be expensive, but they can be if you want them to be. I have full length RonHill leggings (expensive, my treat when I graduated), capri trousers from Primark (cheap) and shorts from Karrimor (intermediate price, lovely big pocket goes all the way across the back), all are fine with washing and wearing. I have a RonHill tee and my C25K tee, a couple that have been given to me and the ones from my races, again all work fine. The only problem I have (in the winter) is that they can't go in the tumble dryer (they can, but it's recommended that they don't so I don't) so I have to remember to rescue them and sling them over an airer.

  • Hi, definitely some technical gear is worth investing in......I've tried Karrimor, Adidas and Nike, in my opinion the Nike clothing is by far the best. You can often pick up cheaper Nike clothing from Sports Direct or online from I wear Nikes 'Miler' range of tshirts.....I have a long sleeve and a short sleeve version.....very happy with them, not too fitted and very comfy. They also do a sleeveless version in the range, which I'll buy once it starts getting a bit warmer over here (incidentally I do not work for Nike, but you know what it's like, once you find something that you are happy with, you tend to stick with it and wax lyrical about its qualities......on the other hand if Nike want to pay me.........!). I also wear their Capri pants and again very happy with them.

    Also, in order to show some balance in my recommendations: when I bought new running shoes.....the most comfortable ones for my feet.....were by Adidas......such a great investment, from day one they have been brilliant. However, it's important to get good advice & fitting from a specialist store in order to get the correct fitting for your fit.

    Another essential buy is a good supportive bra, there are many on the market and boy did I try on loads, the lady in the store was extremely helpful and did not laugh at me jogging on the spot to check the 'bounce'. In the end the one for me was by Berlei, but that brand may not be for you, I suggest you go and try some on and do the jogging on the spot test !!

    Of course then there are socks to consider.....tell me if I'm boring you! Whatever footwear I have on my feet tend to get quite warm so I did buy some rather nice running socks that 'wick' the sweat away from your skin. They are just a home brand from a local store here in Australia, but I'm very happy with them.

    Lastly this week I treated myself to some knickers! Yes, there are 'technical' knickers, again all these clothes 'wick' the sweat away from your body and I don't know all the science behind it, but unlike cotton material that retains the sweat and leaves you wearing a wet cold tshirt, the 'wicking' material moves the sweat away from your body and the moisture seems to evaporate.....leaving you with a still light and virtually dry piece of clothing. I'm veering off the knicker report......I had been wearing M&S cotton undies, but had been finding that things were getting a bit knowing that 'wicking' clothes were the default setting for all good sports clothes.....I went on the hunt for knickers and sure enough all the big brand names sell them, I found some half price by Triumph.....I tried them out for the first time yesterday and I'm happy to report that they were very comfy and effective.

    If you are investing in some 'technical' gear, when it comes to washing, make sure you check the instructions....all of my stuff tells you not to use fabric interferes with the ability of the material to 'wick'!

    I hope I have not put you to sleep/bored you (cross out as appropriate!) and that I have been able to help you out in your quest. Funny isn't it.....I use to love looking at new handbags and shoes and now it's oooh look a sports store, I must go and have a look!

    Good luck and happy running.

  • And I prefer cotton!

  • I have the Karrimor run pants with the pockets at the back and they're great. Have 3 pairs just because :)

  • Thank you all for your interesting replies. I feel a trip to Sports Direct coming on. I already have a good sports bra and tbh I will never be mistaken for Charlie Dimmock! Socks and knickers, never really thought much about those before but maybe I need to look at that as well.

  • I am Karrimore Women apart from my trainers! All very affordable. 2 T-shirts for £12 or £14 (can't remember which!). Capri pants were £14.99 and intend getting a second pair. There socks are good too. I have a audio belt too which comes in very handy. I just pick bits up as I go along :-)

  • Another vote for wicking clothing - I thought that because it was synthetic it would smell, but somehow it doesn't and it doesn't feel as claggy as cotton in this heat. I've never spent a lot of money on a single item but if I totted up the amount I've spent on running clothing I'm sure it would be horrifying - so I don't :D Oh - except the good ol' Berlei ShockAbsorber which is the best brand I've found, also referred to as the Forth Bridge Bra or FBB for short, and I buy those on eBay when I see them going cheap.

  • The only cotton top I will run in is a light weight racer back tshirt which I have been using if I go out in the afternoon because sensible me only has technical tops in dark colours which not great for the heat.

    But I do prefer technical clothing keeps me feeling dry, though my technical socks do make my feet feel uncomfortably hot sometimes.

    As for sports knickers they don't have to cost a fortune, peacocks have some and the tescos no visible panty line kickers work well and also primark, incidentally primark also do technical clothing I have a top from them and it's a really nice length, I find some brands the tops all seem short and I like my belly covered.

    Decathlon also another great place for inexpensive kit.

    As for washing just make sure you don't put any of it in the tumble drier, it doesn't take long to dry on a clothes airer.

  • Some tech gear as in the other replies. I also have a flat waist pack that I can carry my car key and inhaler. I got the waist pack on Amazon. I can also fit my iPhone 4s in it.

  • I travel light so like a small back pocket in my running pants or capri's. I reckon Nike pants are better quality and fit much better than Karrimor. The Karrimor are fine but just more wrinkly that's all. The Nikes are like gloves and the material is more like neoprene than nylon

    I have a cotton vest but it collects sweat and so gets heavy and uncomfy. Technical, dri-fit tops are much better. Some of the SD tech running tops are cheap, as are those from Aldi.

    Some of the running socks are too flipping hot! I have noticed that Adidas seem to make some finer knit ones which I will be checking out

  • Been reading your replies with interest ladies - this is my first post here although I've been doing C25K for the last 2 years (long story but picked up injuries, twice .... this time I'm going all the way!).

    I'm currently running on a treadmill, but getting VERY hot and can't manage the 25 mins run in Wk7 so have just come back down to Wk6 to see if I can improve on those runs. As I run in a cheapie cotton vest top, I'm now wondering if I should invest in some proper tops to run in as they might keep me cooler? If so, has anyone found any ranges that go up to size 20 but don't cost the earth?

    Thanks in advance for your help

  • I've been to Sports Direct and now the proud owner of a Karrimor audio belt, so can keep my phone and keys safe, might even put my iPod in it instead of under my bra strap. Also bought 2 Karrimor wicking tshirts, both in size 12, but one is smaller than the other so might have to go back. I also drawled over various leggings and briefly eyed up the trainers but will save those for another day. I also bought one of those funny drinks bottles with a whole in the middle to make it easy to carry.

    Mamma-Mia, my tops were £7.99 and £10.99 I think (although if I had liked 2 colours in £7.99 range it would have cost £12.00, you will have to check but I'm sure they had size 20 on the rails (definitely saw some size 18's) and they didn't cost any more.

    Once it's sunny again I'll report back on whether they purchases were successful

  • Thanks for the heads up KP! Not sure if we've got a Sports Direct in the local outlet village. If not, it'll be a trip into town on my day off next week. Will report back when purchase made & tried out!

  • Sports Direct all the way - great deals on long and short sleeve tops. I get cold hands so even on these warm days I wear gloves - got some lightweight running gloves (which have key hidey-holes in the palm - great for a key or a coin/fiver) from there. And a great range of running shoes of various prices - I got low/mid-price Adidas - love them - they got me from week one to graduation!

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