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Week 5 Run 2 - still going strong

So I'm on leave today as my mother is visiting. I was still up and out there at 7:10 this morning looking forward to my run. Is this me?

Anyway, the Angel of doubt descended briefly just as Laura told me it was time to run the first 8 minutes. But it was fine, my legs felt tired in the last couple of minutes but completed it no problem. Recovered very quickly as well. The first couple of minutes of the second run felt like the hardest part as I tried to reestablish a rhythm, but once I was back into it I was okay. I was actually quite surprised when Laura gave me my four minute warning and then my 60 second warning. The time went really quickly.

My mother has been admiring my smaller bottom. I look like a normal person now, she says. Thanks, Ma!

Oh yes, I *think* that when I graduate I will be in New York. I can run in Central Park, just like in the films! Will post a pic if so.

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Well done, vivster! Doesn't it feel great when others notice the hard work too? A Central Park run sounds wonderful! Definitely post a pic of that.


A run in Central Park for your graduation run, now that would be something truly epic to look forward to! You've got this far, and you're doing great. Just remember to take run 3 this week slow and steady and you'll get through it.


Oh yeah, family can be so supportive. I still remember one relative when I was 12 saying "well, you've finally grown into your bottom". Keep enjoying your runs!

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Heh heh 😌 She's alright really, just not one for tact.

Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. It means such a lot to have this community. Thinking about everyone else's experiences really helps keep me going. I was laughing to myself this morning about barmybint's (might not have been barmybint) line about uphill running being like the north face of the Eiger. I am excited about the dread W5R3.


That was me. Had a completely flat run today and that was worse - ho hum. You are doing amazingly well and a Central Park run is all the motivation you could ever need. Best Wishes x


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