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Week 5 run 2

Done. I would never have believed I could do two 8 mn runs! But I did it. I had decided I would stop if I felt sick but I didn't need to. Even after the second 8 mn, I could have carried on one or two more minutes. I went slow of course.

Laura said it would be a mental challenge. I don't really understand what this mean and thought maybe I have to use the mantra "I can do it... I can do it..." . In the end I found that by just listening to the music, dreaming of future achievements and NOT listening to my body, I could just sail along. One small issue was when Laura said : ....... you must feel "tired" by now...... The horrible word "tired" made me aware of all the muscles I was missing and how my legs were starting to feel like jelly. So I quickly went back to my pretend success dream, and off I went.....

I can't wait for Friday morning

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Really well done. There is no doubt that this is first and foremost a mental challenge.

I am at the same stage as you (W5R3 for me on Wednesday) and expect the gremlins to be in my head at some point.


It's a great feeling when you get that one under your belt, good to approach it with a postive attitude! Relax and enjoy it.


I know, brilliant feeling to do it aint it? I am just in from doing the same run and feel sooo good!


Well done, sounds like you're enjoying this which is the key! Keep running!!!


Well done! It's a great feeling isn't it? I've just got back from the same run, for some reason I had in my head that the first run was 5 minutes until Laura said 'halfway' when she usually says '60 seconds'! I'm so pleased I did it, I never thought I would be able to do 8 minutes.


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