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Week 5 run 1

Well after putting it off for a week and a day! my friend and i met to start the dreaded week 5, we run along the seafront and always run into the wind at the start turn halfway and head back with the wind behind us.

Tonight was no different except we had not realised how far we would travel and therefore halfway through the second five minute run we were faced with a steep hill or running around the bottom on the shingle. Up the hill we went! I could not have done it without reading the encouraging posts on this web site when others were faced with a hill, short strides, deep breaths and move arms more, just got to the top when Laura said stop(i'm sure she was waiting for us to get there!).

Turned around walked back down the hill then the last five minutes was on the flat, my legs felt like jelly but more importantly we both did it.

Looking forward to Thursday now as its only two runs albeit 8 minutes each

Thanks everyone I could not do it without you

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I ran along (probably) same seafront last Wednesday for an hour, but didn't come to a hill, so I presume you were further along. I will be doing the same tomorrow afternoon, so hoping the weather will be kind to me.

Have you tried running in the park?


Yes we like to varyour route, but we always start the weeks challenge along the sea front which up to now has been flat


Hill just past first beach huts, must say didnt realise hill was quite that steep! but so pleased we conquered it and feeling good now although legs a little achey, thanks partner. Bring on week 5 2nd stage!!


Cant do this without you, and Laura of course, and you can be sure of one thing im always right behind you.


Great job staying with the run on the scary hill. I am sure you will do great for the rest of week 5.


Thanks looking forward to Thursday, hopefully we will go in the other directon but it depends on the wind!


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