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Week 1 Day 2 ... Other joggers like a PRO!

Week 1 Day 2 ... Other joggers like a PRO!

Has anyone else done this - ran/jogged so much better when people are nearby? Especially when those people are other joggers?


I felt my posture improve, my breathing was better and the stich I had magically vanished. How very strange....must have been my breathing? Too shallow?

This run was good :) I was still breathless, still achey but much less than Monday. Woo! Improving already! :P

What did P me off though was I forgot my sports bra so I had to put a crop top over my normal one. It helped a tad but doesn't come close to the support I'm used to!

Also, we couldn't run on our usual patch as there were blokes playing football. Yes, there was space for us to run but we didn't want to chance getting hit. With the luck we have, it's a certainty! So we ran in another part of the park which was nice but quite hilly (only smalls hills mind) and boy, did that make my legs ache!!

However, sports bra-less and hills galore, I managed to keep running so I'm really happy. It's only 1 minute but hey it's something right?

Soon, it'll be 30 :P

Things I've learnt:-

People affect the way you run. Starting from tomorrow, keep thinking Ryan Gosling is watching me ;)

Ipods in your pocket are annoying - I need an armband

Breathe slow and from your stomach, not the chest

NEVER forget your sports bra!

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Good effort - look who's getting the running bug!!!

I know exactly what you mean about running better when you think people are watching - how self conscious must we be eh!

you can get armbands on ebay for a couple of quid if that helps, my OH bought one there recently.

Good luck, keep it up! :)


Thanks for commenting :) & thanks for the tip - just brought one off Ebay! Woo! How far are you into the program then? :)


No worries, hope its what you need!

I'm hoping to start W3 tomorrow (OH permitting!) so not that far ahead of you. We did W1 several times though cus he didnt want to move on to W2 but think actively running slower helped.


:D Using Ryan Gosling as motivation is never a bad thing.

Yes I always start running faster when there's people around, especially if a super fit runner comes running in the opposite direction. It's so stupid but I think we're all guilty of it!

Well done on your progress, you're right it won't be long until your running 30min. Keep it up :)


Hehe, you're not wrong! ;)

Thanks for the motivation and well done on completing the program yourself! I'll be joining you soon... :D


you made me laugh, its all true. I'm on week 7 but stil struggling to do a decent I overtook a walker and was very pleased!

Small things keep me happy!


haha! You are right about other runners! Like sounfit above, I overtook a walker today but I was running downhill. Does that count? Also I tuck Laura into my bra ;)


I'd say it counts ;) and ooh, good idea...I'm sure laura loves that lol :P


Overtook a walker? Love it! Well done for getting to week 7, you're so close to the end! Keep it up :)


hehe.... I always do it too


I was later leaving the house this morning and unfortunately my route goes right by the local academy school. There seemed to be hundreds of teenagers walking about and in groups chatting. I brased myself for abuse and cat calls. All I heard was one young boy call out "Go grandma go" then his chum said "I've seen her before, she can run" Oh boy did I feel GOOOOOOOOODDDDD. Out of the mouths of teenagers too, now thats a compliment to accept with good grace, which of course I did and kept on running. :O


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