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Update - week one, run 2


Thank you all so much for the support on my first post. Monday I started c25k and could only run one of the running sections. My feet hurt and I felt poop. Went to the sports shop yesterday and after being there for an hour lol, poor shop assistant, I got some running shops which not only fit properly, but support my near flat feet.

Today was run 2 of week one. Of the 8 running sections - I did 6! (And a half). My shoes feel great, I don't have sore arches. I have an ache in me calves...

Feel like I've had a bit of a break through. I properly will be doing week one for a couple of weeks but I don't mind. It's still a lot better than nothing.

Also thank you for making me realise. .. when I'm running I don't have to try and be fast... I just have to be running.

Today I felt like a runner... I didn't swear at Laura and I did it all with a smile on my face.

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Good for you! I had to laugh at your "I didn't swear at Laura" I think we've all done that at one time or another. LOL

I hope your shoes will give you miles of happy, pain-free running. Don't overdo things and you'll be fine


That's brilliant! Well done on geting the right shoes, it's a great investment in your new future. You will notice that smile getting bigger as the weeks progress, I promise! Good luck for your next run :)


Well good for you not giving up after the first run. Hopefully your new shoes will support you through the 9 weeks of Laura and beyond.




Well done :) It doesn't matter if you have to repeat w1, if that's what it takes to build your stamina etc then so be it. I'm also thinking about getting a new set of running shoes (the ones I have are just trainers). Good luck with w1, you'll get there ;)


Hi WombleFruit, I'm new here, too. I did my W1r2 today in beautiful sunshine in leafy West Berkshire. I heard birds singing and startled a deer. I hope that we'll be able to encourage one another on this adventure. Good thinking about your shoes, I think I may need to do the same.

At the moment Laura is quite encouraging, and I keep humming This is the Greatest Day-a-ay... but I think I'll be swearing at her before long....

Hey Marky and Womble, I too have done my W1r2 today :)

A little daunted by the lack of scenery in my first run I looked for somewhere more scenic today.

It didn't work, I got myself lost about 10 mins from my house :S

all in all a good day in the end though.

Good luck guys and keep up the good work!! we will be running like pros in a few months :D xxx

Good luck everyone, another newbie. Did day 1 today ! It was a beautiful morning which definitely helped.

Hope you are enjoying it, weather is lovely at the moment. Makes the world of difference. How are you finding it so far?

Never realised 60 seconds could be so long !! Determined though to stick with it. Never ran in my life, total novice, but enjoy walking !

I agree about the 60 seconds, I spend the run waiting for Laura to tell me its time to stop, then I dread her telling me to get ready for the next 60 :D xx all in all though its an experience that will improve and enhance my well being so I'm happy with that. :)

I also love walking by the way.

I could walk all day and not be fazed. (as long as the scenery is nice)


Well done. As you've discovered, the correct shoes make a lot of difference. Don't worry about repeating a run/week if you need to - lots of people do. It helps build your stamina. The only this you must be sure of is to always take your rest days because this is when the muscles recover and repair to come back that little bit stronger each time. Good luck with your next run and best wishes.


@WombleFruit @unikorn01

Did you run W1r3 today, or are you saving it up for the weekend? Dying to hear how you are getting along.

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Morning MarkyD. just got back from my w1r3, I know I was meant to go yesterday but it was just too hectic a day lol. decided I would go this morning. Feeling very pleased with myself :) of the 8 running sections I completed 7. :-) I know I'll complete all 8 next week :) how you get on?

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I did mine yesterday evening after work, I am finding that is when I feel most motivated. :D

How is it going for you?

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A week has gone by, and I'm back from a business trip to Munich. Can you believe it I took Laura and my trainers and did W2r2 at 5.45am? I actually got up extra early and went out running! OMG. Sat here on Friday looking at the rain, intended to go out W2r3 but will have to collect my youngest son (11) from school in a few mins and go out once the rain eases off.

Keep up the motivation levels! Talk to you later & W3 (!!!!!!) beckons.

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Running in Munich sounds like a dream, I was a bit apprehensive about jogging in the rain, luckily it eased off so I got a dry run.

Keep up the good work :)

It's taken me to my fourth outing to be able to complete week 1 run 1 properly. I feel great! The secret was to pick a lovely summer's evening and a footpath through a field and just run and walk backwards and forwards along the same path - no-one around to notice my wobbling or grimacing. I got great solace from the replies that I received to my first post a few days ago, and felt I wasn't on my own. We're all in this together!!

Hi All,

I'm just embarking on the C25K training plan. I go to a fitness boot-camp twice a week already which can often involve a fair bit of running (I'm always at the back and out the back door I'm so slow!), so decided I could skip week 1 and 2 (I may regret that soon). I try to take part in the local Parkrun as well (parkrun.org.uk) when I can but again, not fast and I cannot manage to run the whole thing hence why I signed up for C25K - its just what I need; someone to tell me when to run and when to walk with encouragement but not patronising. Good to see so many newbies on this forum, as at least now I don't feel so alone and cruddy about 'being rubbish' at running, compared to my husband and boot-camp friends. MarkyD, maybe I'll see you running around West Berks sometime! :) Good luck everyone x

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