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Week 2 Run 1 Revisited

I had hoped to go to the gym yesterday, but after Saturday's run and then cooking for friends for dinner on Saturday night I was in a lot of pain from my surgery, which continued yesterday and I wasn't up to much. Today I had a long hospital trip 1.5 hours drive to Addenbrookes from Luton for various tests and assessments for the possibility of a bone attached hearing aid (all rather stressful), drove home with my chest still hurting, but decided that I would try and start Week 2 and again try the support of two sports bras. Strangely enough, as soon as I was ready to go, with Laura chatting in my ear, I knew I could do it. This time the run was far less painful, and although the time to cover 5k was slightly slower than W1R3 I felt so much better for being out their running.

I'm even thinking about fast forwarding to week 3 on Wednesday as I know I could have run more.

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That's great it went so well! Slower than W1R3 is fine, and it doesn't matter if you don't cover 5k at all - I certainly didn't in W1 and 2. Tempting though it might be to rush ahead I think slowly might be good here as well as for actual running pace. The course is very well structured so that you consolidate everything which sets you up for success in the next stage - if you rush ahead and miss runs out you are missing out on that preparation. Enjoy W2R2 as well.


Thanks, I'm not missing runs out, as I had already done Weeks 1 to 8 (all 3 runs religiously each week) as well as going to the gym three times a week and swimming twice a week, and felt totally ready for week 9 three weeks ago. Having been able to run for 28 minutes at the end of week 8 and had got into a good pace, it just feels a bit strange only running for 90 seconds.

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It's a bit unusual to be covering 5k at this early stage. That would seem to indicate you're going too fast or taking longer than the time indicated. If you stick to the programme you will probably avoid injury and build up strength and stamina. Have fun!

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I had got up to week 8 three weeks ago, and have only gone back to the earlier runs after having surgery, and didn't feel quite ready to on to week 9. So my legs are totally up for the longer distance, as I found the runs in week 8 fine, and had developed a good pace.


Maybe take the advice and go a tad slower. Running for thirty minutes is the aim... after nine weeks. Not running 5K. The programme name is a tad confusing :)

Just take time to heal and enjoy the things, that the runs are giving you ?

Slow and steady is very much the mantra on here, as you will have noticed.. it works.

After graduation, distance and speed can follow if you wish. Many graduates never achieve 5K in thirty minutes, and those who do, find it is generally after Graduation :) Many Graduates also, have no desire to run 5K, just to keep on running and enjoying their chosen journey :)

So, maybe as JaySeeSkinny suggests, slow it down. enjoy the view, and supplement with other strengthening exercise on your rest days. the link to the strength and flex exercises could be useful :)


Thanks for the advice. I am doing exercises on my rest days, and have a strength and flex workout programme at the gym. In fact I am seeing the Macmillan personal trainer this afternoon for a session. I didn't actually run very fast, but my brisk walking is quite fast I think. I've had a tendency to walk fast if I'm on my own for some time, just a habit. The 5K covered included the warm up, 2 minute walks and cool down walks - I certainly wasn't running the whole time, just the 90 second intervals.

I think having been so close to week 9 three weeks ago, it feels as if I'm plodding along.


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