Week 5 advice please

ok, so all weeks so far so good. Been able to do them all. Have completed Run 2 of Week 5 and we all know what that means......the dreaded Run 3. I don't think I am ready for 20 minutes. So what do you suggest? Repeat Run 2 a few more times? Try Run 3 and see how far I get? Get all Nike on myself and just "do it"? At 53 and a running virgin, I am quite proud of what I have done so far. What have some of you other not exactly, young, not exactly slim (yet but getting there), nervous Nellys done?


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  • I am feeling exactly the same - finished week 5 run 2 tonight & so don't feel ready for run 3 on friday - feels like a big step up from 8 - 20 minutes :-(

    I am in need of hints, tips, advice & a large kick up the backside! I have on previous weeks just given it a go but am a very 'nervous nelly' about this one!

  • I would say give it a go. Go at a slow steady pace and try it. You could surprise yourself. I didn't think I'd be able to do it, but I did. Really I would say just give it a go!

  • Well done for completing run 2 I try it tomorrow, and like you am feeling very nervous about 20 mins on Sat, however need to get the 2 x 8mins done first, but will try tomorrow good luck to you both

  • I felt the same and am an "older runner" but dont worry, be very determined that you are going to do it and you will! its all in the mind. I am now in the middle of week 8 and loving it xx

  • I remember feeling the same but I would advise to give run 3 a go and you will probably surprise yourself. Just take it slowly and steady. Good luck :)

  • You need to just do it! Hand on heart it is really mind over matter.

    Take it steady, concentrate on big deep breaths and you will make it!

    I thought exactly the same before I did it and after the run I cried, I was so proud of myself :)

  • Thanks to each of you. So pleased that you responded. So that is what I will do: psyche up for it, give it a go, slow and steady. To be fair I didn't think I could do 8 and it turned out to be just fine....I'll let you kno how I fair. Thank you!

  • Yep - and a quick 'Go for it' from a 55 year old, 4 stone overweight running virgin who managed it too!!

  • Same boat absolutely terrified of week 5 race 3!! Good luck and I'm definitely going to have a go! You've come this far!

  • I'm due to do run 2 tonight and run 3 on Saturday with icandothis and both feel nervous. Glad you all felt the same way as I'm feeling now, 8 minutes seems long but 20 seems impossible but having read all your comments I feel more positive, come on partner wecandothis!

  • I couldn't sleep the night before, kept living the run in my head over and over again.. When it was time for the run I swear my heart was racing before I'd even switched on my ipod.. During the run I kept slowing my pace right down as every now and then my breathing went to pot, once I got control again I'd push on. I completed 20mins and that was 2 days ago I still can't believe it, and every now and then I shake my head and say I actually did it and it was mind over my breathing more than my legs that got me there... You can do it and I guarantee aching cheek muscles when you do as you won't be able to stop smiling.

  • I remember it was a big deal too and I think this forum perhaps makes a bit worse (sorry guys!) just 'cause we get to be all nervous at each other. However if you search for previous posts I promise all you'll see is other people saying they were nervous and then saying how it was actually OK. Promise you can do it - trust Laura! Good luck :)

  • I did this a couple of weeks ago - it is daunting, but just listen to Laura, like she says it is more a mental thing than physical. Oh and choose a nice flat route - I actually went back on myself for the last 5 mins of the run just to avoid that last hill!

  • Just take your time - good luck:)

  • I'm in exactly the same position!

    I first ran W5R2 last Saturday and was absolutely amazed with myself. So decided to do it Sunday as well (naughty, I know - but thought I shouldn't try and progress further on a rest day)

    So was meant to do R3 on Tuesday, but have had a cold so didn't go at all.

    Yesterday was feeling much better, but didn't have 30 mins to spare, so went for 5 mins walking, 10 mins running and 3 mins walking with no Laura...

    Tonight's the night..........................

  • Me too, I am due run 3 on Saturday. I was nervous before the start of week 5, but I have done 8 mins which I didn't think I could do. Each week I panic and think I can't do any longer, but each week I prove myself wrong, so I am slowly begining to realise that we can do it and we will do it. Plus these forums are SO supportive that they speed you on.

    Good luck michigangirl,

  • Pinch me, I must be dreaming! I did it! And it wasn't even that difficult. I slowed down my ususal pace (based on some advice from a colleague who runs) and it was steady all the way! So proud, my eyes started to well up with tears! I feel great! Thanks to all of you :)

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