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Hello all,

This forum always gives sound advice and I hope you can help me. About a month ago I got up to Week 6 Run 2. I was loving it: feeling really confident and seeing my fitness improve week on week. I then went on holiday for three weeks then had another week of making excuses to not run so, all in all, I had four weeks away from running.

Two days ago, I decided to start back and began on Week 5 run 1. I found the 5minute runs ok, not amazing but ok. Today I went to do Week 5 run 2 and, oh my word, those 8minute runs killed me. I have never had a run that hard. I even found the 20minute run easier than that when I completed it a month ago!

I have my Week 5 run 3 (20mins) run coming up on Tuesday and I'm not sure what the best plan of action is. Do I go for it knowing that I could barely do the 8mins and see what happens? Or do I consolidate on the 8min runs and try and get my fitness back up?

All advice gratefully received!


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  • I am sure you remember how you 'feared' W5R3 the first time around and also how you surprised yourself when you achieved that first 20 minutes non-stop.

    Who's to say that you won't surprise yourself again? I would say go for it and if it doesn't quite work out as you hope then consider repeating week 5.

  • Thanks for the advice. I might just do that. What's the worst that can happen eh?

  • Exactly. I am sure you know but just take it very steady.

  • I think that if you complete a run (no matter how difficult it was) you move on to the next one. If you struggle to complete it then you just keep attempting it until you do it. I have supported my Mum through the programme using this logic. Often the next run was no bother at all. Good luck!

  • Thanks for your advice :)

  • W5R3 is in my opinion, the best run of the whole programme. On the face of it, it's a huge step up, but if you've been through the programme to this point, then you are ready. Just go for it, take it steady and I suspect you might just surprise yourself.

  • Thanks Rob. I think my fear is I completed W5R3 last time because I knew I had the training under my belt (psychological bonus). This time I know I've had a big break so I don't have the mental "I can" attitude I had last time!

  • See how it goes, if you notice you struggle maybe go back to W5R1. Happy running!

  • The run may have been hard, but you did complete it. See how the next run goes and if you fail that, them consider repeating W5 maybe?

  • Move on but run so slowly you think you're mates might laugh if they saw you, you'll be fine :)

  • I did it! Hurrah!

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