Week 5 tactics needed please!

Hi all!

I haven't posted for ages as have recently moved to a totally new area but proud to say I have stuck to the plan (repeated some sessions til I felt confident to move on) and I'm now on week 5- yay!! On run 2 at the moment so 2x 8mins and have done 3 sessions of this one so far as not quite managing the second 8 mins and having to stop for a little rest after 4 mins. I am definitely improving each time I do it which is encouraging but just wondering if anyone else struggled with this session and if you lovely people have any advice??


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  • Well, apart from slow down even more and build your pace after graduation, not much more to tell you. Determination is all it takes. You're definitely doing fine and you know yourself best.

    Oh and another thing, keep posting here more frequently as that gives you some kind of mental advantage. I experienced the same and might have even given up if it wasn't for the nice people here.

  • HI freshlytcutgrass,

    Well done on completing the first four weeks of the plan.😊

    Week 5 is a different week with three different runs. So ideally you would want to do them in sequence. Do you think you are sabotaging yourself because you are worried about run 3?

    The plan does work and once you have completed one stage you are ready for the next. I wonder if you are running a bit too fast and need to hold back a bit in order to complete the run. If you go too quickly you will run out of puff and your chest will feel tight. That second eight minutes can be done.. honestly.

    My suggestion would be start week 5 again..this time aim to be successful at each stage on the first attempt. Practise that slow start on run 1 and see if it feels different, then in run 2 really attack it and push through to do the 2 x 8. Its a mental thing too. Don't assume you will have problems just go for it.😊

    Would love to hear you have acheived this. Good luck.😊

  • This was the run I got stuck on too!

    To the point that I had to repeat it 7 times before I finally conquered it.

    The advice that I got from the lovely people on here was to change my route and slow it right down. They were right! I was going off too quick and by the second run I had run out of fuel lol

    I think it was a mental attitude thing too. It got to the point where I was expecting not to complete it. So. Change your route. Slow down and then slow down some more (they say that a lot on here and for a good reason!)

    It doesn't matter how slow you go so long as you save enough energy for the second run section.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on 😊

  • I agree with all above but would add maybe be kind to yourself and choose a route where there is no incline towards the end of final run. You can do this, πŸ˜ƒπŸƒπŸ»

  • I have also just completed w5r2 and was so chuffed πŸ˜„ I agree with the comments above I often think I could walk faster but I did learn to slow down and I keep to a flat area as I really want to complete this 9weeks! There is a lot in mental attitude as I am really trying to stay positive for third run as I think it seems a big jump going to running for 20mins continuous and I would love advise on tackling it as dreading it!!! I keep thinking il never do that at my young age of 59πŸ˜„! So again a bit of a mental block!! Advise gratefully received😊

  • You are definitely ready, that run is just a normal progression from the intervals you've been on. Some even find it easier than doing the intervals. Again, start slooow and take it from there.

  • Thank you all so much! I took all your advice into account and really kept it in mind during each run and a couple of runs later I finished wk5run2! Realised I was definitely trying to run too fast, this time I changed route, tried to pace myself, had to constantly think oy you slow down you need to actually finish this! And thanks to you guys I totally managed it, even did a little sprint in the last 20 seconds! Haha would not even have thought that was possible when I sent my message the other day. Not feeling too nervous about the 20 min one now as I know I will be able to complete it if I just go super slow! Thanks again you lovely bunch!

  • Good luck for next big run you can do it😊😊

  • I am following this post and will follow you too as I felt I could have written exactly the same words as you did at the top there (if you look at my profile you will see I wrote similarly earlier today, not having read your post). I will grit my teeth and try W5 R2 again though. I have a little mantra I grunt out through gritted teeth "I will lose 2 stone, I will lose 2 stone" (probably slightly worrying if anyone hears me). I feel I am very very slow anyway as I am carrying extra weight. I have lost 2 stone but I want to lose another 2. I feel it on my body; that I could go faster if I wasn't carrying it. Nevertheless I am moving in a forwards direction with a raised heart rate i.e. taking exercise. Better than on the couch!

  • Hi Sofargoner! Sounds like you're doing amazingly well! Also 2 stone is a huge amount of weight to have lost- go you! I think it helps to think of the weight you lose as bags of sugar- you have saved yourself lugging all those bags of sugar around! I always try to keep in mind that weight isn't always to do with fitness- some of the fittest people I know are not skinny minnies by any means so try not to get too hung up on it! It will come off gradually especially if you continue your running! I am now on to the third run of wk 5 and currently running for around 15 mins- not quite hitting 20 yet but trying to pace myself and improving in each run, the key is slooowing down- sometimes I barely move more than a snail and it actually makes me chuckle- honestly it really works! Maybe try cutting your pace in half and see how you get on! Good luck!

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