...and I feel AWESOME tonight!

I have been struggling this week to break the 7k/42min barrier. My last run was a little discouraging... And then tonight I smashed it! I had to beg borrow and steal some babysitting fir the munchkins but it was so worth it.

I did a warm up then steady 10k/hour pace, got into a good stride at about the 10 minute mark... Around the 17 minute mark it became substantially easier and I cruised the rest in... Even managing a sprint for the last minute... 41.30!!!! I couldn't wipe the grin off my face for hours.

Onward and upward... That 12k race in a month seems feasible now!


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14 Replies

  • That's such an impressive time - I'm so much slower and haven't got as far as 7k yet.

  • Thanks! All in good time Lucy... Takes a bit of patience I've learnt... But I'm having that proud moment. I just really want to smash my brother in law in the upcoming race, not very mature I know lol.

  • It may not be mature but it's very understandable!! ;-)

  • Lol.. I think he likes posturing a bit. It's all protein shakes and protein gels, power aid etc.In our first racer together, 5k, he wanted to know my pre race eating/drinking routine! I thought it hilarious and said water and a banana a couple of hours before, I do longer runs most nights and don't fuss!

  • i would consider the 10kmph to be the sprint!!!

  • When I graduated it was well beyond me... Amazing what motivation can do!

  • I did it today for about three to five mins. But 10kph was too much for me, I dropped down to my normal plodding but fifteen minutes in I was so exhausted I couldn't complete the 28 min run. My first failure :(

  • Oh no! Too much too soon... When I was in wk 8 I was doing about 7.5-8.0k per hour! It takes a bit of time to build up. Still you've got some guts!

  • I have got sore everything....

  • Stretching and a hot bath will cure most things !

  • No wonder you feel good; this is an awesome time!

  • Thanks Theresa, one step in the long, and enjoyable, road...

  • That's excellent; I'm just a teeny bit behind you (when not running into hedges) at 6.7Km in 42 mins and am Soooo pleased to be on the pace.

  • I think you'd find you are quite a ways ahead of me Ned... That's my treadmill time. When I run outside I'm a little slower... Without even bringing hedges into the equation... I loved your hedge post, you make me chuckle

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