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W3 done, should I repeat?

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I completed the third run of week three this morning but found it absolutely knackering to reach the 3 minute mark however I did try to push myself on the last 3 minute run and like to think I managed 4 minutes (I don't carry a timing device) but man oh man am I feeling it now.

This is kinda putting me off starting W4 on Saturday and thinking I should perhaps squeeze another W3 run in on Saturday and start W4 when I feel more confident...

Or should I just throw caution to the wind and attempt it?

6 Replies
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I'd say go for it. If you then find it IS too difficult, you can revert to W3. But you could get a pleasant surprise xxx

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I always think you should go with your own instinct. If you feel you would benefit from doing one more run 3 there that there is no harm at all in doing that in fact you are more likely to benefit by gaining confidence. It isn't a race, so take your time.

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Throw caution to the wind, you'll be surprised. TJ is right it's not a race and doing extra runs in a week is perfectly alright, there are no rules really. If you are completing runs no matter how tough you feel they have been then get on with the next, your body is busy doing all sorts of things in between runs and you'll be surprised.

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All fantastic advice, thank you :) I'm going to give W4R1 a go on Saturday. Start off with half a banana & water before I leave and see how it goes.

I love this community!

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I struggled with the last run in W3R3 - ended up doing 2mins run(1min walk)2mins run. Was also considering repeating it BUT did W4R1 yesterday and was absolutely fine! Actually felt like I could run for much longer. It reminded me that my body is getting stronger and fitter everyday, and what seemed impossible last week is now within reach. I am sure you'll be ok, just don't start at too fast a pace. I run on a treadmill atm and only do my runs @7.5-8kmh (that's slow but will work on speed once I can do 30mins!). Good luck!

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Eat that banana & have a drink and go for it, don't go backwards unless you really have to. You'll be amazed how well your body will respond to the longer times and your recovery will get quicker too as you work on through the program. Good luck

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