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First bad run

So today I done my W4R2 and in all honesty (apart from W1R1) it was my first bad run.

We went for a meal last night at a local restaurant for my father-in-law's birthday so that involved lots of beige food, chips, burgers, milkshakes and that sort of thing.

This morning was a struggle to get up and do the run. And the second I started my first run (after teh warm-up) it felt like my legs where full of chips & burgers. Every tread felt more like a stamp and every minute of running felt like two!

I tried really hard to adjust my step (i tend to notice when I'm running mid-heel or on the side of my foot) but as soon as I took my mind off the tread to concentrate on the direction or breathing, it reverted back to running on the sides :(

on top of that, I turned around too early. I have a faux mid-point on the run where I cross the road and run back. At the end of my run is a steep hill down and I always aim to use this as my 5 minute cool-down (takes 7 minutes to walk it) but I haaaaate running downhill. Because I turned around too early, I found myself at the top of the hill with a minute or so still to go!

But I did it. My legs fill stiff as a board, my shins are aching slightly and I still feel full from last night, but I did it...

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Morning, first of all well done, after all that food I couldn't even have got out of bed! I find if I eat badly the day before a run I feel sick half way round!! But you did it so that is a huge reason to celebrate. :)))))


Well done on completing the run even though you felt bad.

You clearly have learnt from this experience and that's what this program is all about .........learning how to run!

Have a day's rest and you'll do brilliantly on wednesday...get your timings right to avoid running down that bloomin' hill :):)


I am on a seriously strict diet and the only time I have had a bad run was after being away for a weekend and eating (and drinking more to the point) not particularly healthy food. As soon as I was back on the wagon the running got back to normal. I guess this is why lots of people find that they tend to opt for healthier food as they progress on the plan, a good run is more important than a cheeseburger (most of the time :) )

Well done on finishing the run, that took some willpower, you should be proud.


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