Couch to 5K

restart week 1

Just completed day1 week 1 I mistakenly thought it would be easy as I had done it twice before but after a 2 week break it was quite hard.

Didnt jog very fast but took me 4 runs to feel I had the speed right did complete all of the 8 runs but didnt quite feel recovered in the 90 second walk.

I found the 2 minute walk that you have in week 2 better for me even though the run is 90 seconds.

Oh well I will be doing week 1 run 2 on Thursday lets see if I feel better then.

I did have a little backache after each run segment as I was slowing down not had this before.

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Well today was Thursday. My knee has been sore since first run but decided to see how it went.

Ist run went well and didnt feel to bad on 2,3 and 4, but run 5 and 6 felt very long. When you get to 7 and 8 you know you are nearly there and was determined to finish it. Knee didnt ache any more while running but I will see how it goes. Not sure at the moment how far I can get but I am already alot further than the couch I have sat on for over 30 years. Never run for anything in my life before.


I never ran for anything at all either!...... and I graduated 4 weeks ago..... you will get there! just take it week by week....


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