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Things I've learned In week 1

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I'm at the end of week 1 now and as I've not exercised for 20 years its been a big learning curve!

I've loved bits of w1 but found other bits a struggle and I've learnt some important things:

1. Don't run up hills in week 1! When deciding where to do my first run I went for the most scenic route which I had stupidly forgotten was quite hilly. The thigh pain was was so awful I felt like chucking my new trainers into the bin! Luckily I did a flat run 2 days later and it was much better...

2. Don't wear too much or you'll overheat. I wore a shirt and hooded top in 15 degrees heat on w1r2 and felt like an overheating engine.

3. On run 2 I made the classic 'schoolgirl error' of eating dinner 90 mins before my run. I thought that'd be fine but then got indigestion whilst running! Next run I had a banana 2.5 hours before. Loads better!

4. Worked out my asthma is better controlled if I use my blue inhaler before running instead of after. Revelation.

5. Have a friend to train with. Mine was doing runs elsewhere but we have been texting eachother afterwards. Knowing a mate is going through the same really helped me stay motivated.

Roll on w2!

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LOL ditto for points 1 and 2! Here's to week 2.

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Thanks very much for sharing. I have been wondering about whether or not to pick a route with hills as I have done my first two runs on the flat but the race for life in june will be hilly. Good luck with week 2!

Congratulation on week 1. A tip for number 2, dress as if it is ten degrees warmer, that way you should feel just about right. Enjoy week 2 :-)

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I do a mixture. Two runs a week are along a canal so are flat. Then one run is partly cross country and hilly.

Thanks everyone, yes maybe I'll do hills in weeks 3 or 4 - well, just slight ones! At the moment running on the flat is a big enough challenge for me.

Another thing I learned... Take a tissue as my nose instantly runs!

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Don't worry about hills at the moment I graduated last September and only this week conquered the hill near my home, :-) but then I am 74. Read my blogs about those pesky hills ,good luck with the rest of your journey. Pat

Haha, ok, quite happy to follow your advice as I live on the edge of the Pennines!

Wow, running up hills at 74 is fantastic :-) That's enough to inspire me through w2 xxx

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Very well done for starting on this journey. I think that big hills are too disheartening and although I live somewhere with hills I have made a point of avoiding anything other than gentle inclines at the moment. However, I have found it a bit easier now on the hills than it was when I started. Very best of luck - I hope that it all goes well.

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