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New 40 min challenge - feel fantastic!

I've been tootling along for the last few weeks doing 30 minute runs, sometimes covering 5k, sometimes not, but felt I had reached a bit of a plateau, where - dare I say it - I was feeling as though I wasn't getting any better, and some runs were downright arduous. So today, ha ha, I set myself a new little challenge of upping my 30 mins to 40 mins, just to see what happened, and you know what, I haven't felt this good for AGES!! I managed it ok, and when I got home I just danced around for a bit, cos I felt so darn happy! And now I'm sitting here with a nice cup of tea, and talking to you guys.

It's made me realise that a very large part of this running lark is actually a mental challenge, not just a physical one.

And I now can't wait for Laura's next instalments, which will apparently be up by the end of the month.

Happy running guys, what a funny old world it is. Onwards and upwards!

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Cathcakes: it is nearly all about the mental challenge, which is why we often just want to push ourselves 'just a little but more' ! 40 minutes today...44 minutes next Tuesday? (up 10%!) Who knows? ;)


Thanks cathcakes. Did 5k this morning and felt a bit flat afterwards

Aren't we funny? Would have given anything to run 5k a few weeks ago!



YAY! That is so what I need to do, I am stuck in a rut, I always run for 30 minutes and then it's like a switch goes off and | have to stop! It's getting silly now as I graduated weeks and weeks ago!!! So thanks for the idea, will try it later in the drizzle ;)


Cathcakes why don't you try the B210K that's my new challenge, have just started week 2, loving it so far


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