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So near a 30 min 5 k thanks guys

Well so near my 30 min 5 k ( one of my personal challenges ) . My park run this weekend was 31 mins . My comfort run is about 10 mins a mile now .my last tenth of a mile I slowed to 10 mins 18 secs , overall I averaged 9 mins :48 seconds a mile .

Can hardly believe I couldn't run last March , had a pace maker in August , weighed 4 stone more last March , and now am happy to go out in running tights !! How my life has changed since I found you guys :-)

THankyou everyone , so supportive, so inspirational , so life changing.

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Wow, how well are you doing?! You've done amazingly well in such a short space of time.

So glad you're enjoying yourself too - good for you ☺🏃👌🍀 xx


It's a big thanks to you , my inspiration re pace maker :-)

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Talking about inspirational - have a look at yourself! We both started the programme in March and reached a 5K time around 31 minutes in October - but I have 'only' lost 11-12 kg and have not had a pacemaker! You are doing extremely well!


I love reading your updates , keeps me going.


Wow well done you!! You are an inspiration & will keep me going!!😊


THankyou , I feel we are a team on this site.


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