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Two weeks postgrad and a cheeky little jog in Paris :)


It was our wedding anniversary last Monday and we went for a little trip to Paris for a few days to celebrate and while we were there we went out for a jog in the Jardin des Tuileries, it was absolutely fantastic!!!

We were staying in a hotel very near to there and went through the park a few times in the mornings, what was interesting was how many joggers there were, lots of different types of people, older people, younger people, but no-one seemed to be rushing or pacing or timing themselves, they were just there to enjoy what they were doing :)

Because of everything else we wanted to do while we were there we only managed to run once, but it was so worth it, we went out at 7am and just ran, well my husband ran, I jogged along at a sedate pace. I decided to just do 30 mins as we needed to get back to catch our flight but I was really surprised that after near constant walking and having aching legs for 3 days, combined with lots of food & drink that I managed to run at all!

The most fantastic sight was looking straight ahead and seeing straight up the Champs-Elysees towards the Arc de Triomphe as it was such a clear morning. If someone had told me at Christmas that I would be enjoying a run in Paris in just a few months I'd have said they were crazy :)

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Oh that was a beautiful run, very jealous - Swindon today, just not quite the same affect... Lol :)


Sounds fab!


If we ever get the "new format board" there is definitely room for a C25K world tour Blog where we can map all the countries of the world we have exported our secret agent undercover of darkness running ninja skills :-D :-D :-D


Wow! Sounds like an amazing run.

And a 'tour blog' would be great. C25Kers conquer the world.

Oh... a trip to Paris for your wedding anniversary: how lovely!

World tour blog: now there's a thought :)


That is such a lovely post, well jealous! I just lurve Paris!


Oh what!!!! running in Paris, how jealous am I??? What a great post, and what a great trendsetter a world tour map, just seeing all the posts from our own localities would be great with holiday runs posted as well, we already have Australia and now Paris, next stop the world!


Haha yes a C25K world tour blog sounds great!! :)

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