A little bit faster, 4 weeks after graduation

Did 30 minutes of faster running today, mostly on the flat, but with one bit up a slope. About 3 weeks ago I did my first effort at going faster after graduation, and managed 18 minutes at average 7.3kph (slow for lots of people, but faster for me).

Today I did 30 minutes at average 7.6kph (4.7mph - at last, faster than I can walk!), and the first five minutes were at 8.2kph. :) Even the last 5 minutes were 7.4kph, which I was really pleased with, as my usual pace is about 6.5-6.8 kph.

Much better than my last run in the dark and cold!

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  • Congratulations on your "steady" progress. ;-)

  • Nice one! Thanks. :)

  • Well done greenlegs, that's great progress in such a short time.

  • Great, sounds like you are on a roll now!

  • Maybe the three days rest (ahem!) since my last, not-so-good run had a lot to do with it? Very interesting though, that both of my best runs recently have been after 2 or more rest days.

  • Well done. Really there is no rush to speed up - it's the fact we are out there running still that counts. Well that's what I keep telling myself anyway as I am still takign one step forward and three back since graduating.

  • You're right - there really is no rush to speed up at all. It is satisfying to feel I'm making progress though!

  • I agree. I am always trying to keep my pace up. Slowed right down on a long run the other day and managed to sustain a good pace throughout, with out a drop off at the end. And enjoyed the run. :)

  • ^5 greenlegs, you're making great progress! :) In a lot of ways I think slow and steady is the way to go because it's giving our bodies more time to adapt to the stresses of running.

  • Well done Greenlegs, whatever it is you're doing you must be doing it right. :-)

  • Fantastic - well done! Isn't it satisfying to look at the numbers and see your progress :)

  • Well done for increasing your speed. But just running frequently is great. My runs have had to be well spaced out now as my knee is a bit on the wobble but when I run after sensible spacing my distance and speeds seem to be a bit better.

    You are the expert on you - so listen to the experts.

  • Thank you all - lovely comments. :)

  • Well done! The rest might have done you good!

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