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Disaster strikes after W2R1

We were off for a long weekend on Wednesday, I was wide awake at 5, told hubby I really needed to go for a run before we packed for our trip. Off I went - he caught me up just as I started the first run, he just wants to encourage me. I wasn't sure what Laura had in store for me, so I just did as I was told!

Well, what a fantastic feeling. I followed Laura and was shocked that I could run for 90 seconds, the 2 minute walk seemed to last for ever, Hubby asked why I was walking longer than last week, so he's noticing what I'm doing. I did notice I was more out of breath than last week , but was soon breathing steadier.

I finished and I felt like I could have carried on and felt fantastic, I know it sounds daft but I felt so excited and "pumped", not just because we're were going away.

I packed my running kit and was planning a couple of runs while we were away BUT.... I pulled my leg, hamstring I think, right up under my bum cheek. I was only taking my wellies off!! So I haven't been for a run in what seems like ages and I'm missing it. While we were away we walked coastal paths and cycled miles with barely any pain so I'm going to try week 1 tonight and see how I get on.

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Hi there - sorry to hear you injured your hamstring! Before setting off tonight, take care to shake your legs out and do the full 5 minutes warm-up walk, and try to stay relaxed while you are running to avoid "twinges". Good luck!

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Argh! Hope you burned those pesky wellies. Good luck on the reboot.


Good luck - those wellies canbe tricky things!


Sorry to hear your injured, good on you for coming back


Hope it goes well tonight and you can get back on track.


Good Luck, hope it goes well :-) xxx


Thanks for all your good wishes....I went out last night and did week 2 run 2. I set off at brisk walk, must have been brisker than before because I got a lot further down the road than before. I had no pain at all so carried on with the first run, things were a bit stiff but otherwise ok. I finished the whole lot, didn't feel hot and bothered and NO aches this morning. Really chuffed with myself


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