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W7R3 Done!

Week 7 started out quite slowly with 4 days gap between run 1 &2! I just came up with excuses not to get out for my 2nd run. The weather wasn't that great most mornings so it provided a convenient excuse. I had my second run on Monday and that was pretty tough. I finished the run but didn't feel energized as usual. This morning I checked the forecast and set out for the run at 5.30am. I chose to start with my nemesis, a pretty steep hill that I had attempted during week 4 but had turned back coz it was too much at that point. This time I was determined to conquer it even if it meant going at a snail's pace. I was so slow that I was tempted to just walk it but kept encouraging myself with a 'you can do it' chant (in my mind of course as I was huffing and puffing up the hill).

I completed the hill and the rest of the route (which included another steep downhill run) was ok. As it was a new route, and due to the time taken to run up hill, I found myself about 5 minutes distance from my usual finishing point by the time Laura said 25 mins were up. I continued running until the end of the 5 minutes warm down walk . I was excited to see that I had run for 4.8km. I am amazed because 8 weeks ago I was struggling to run continuously for 1 minute! Now only 6 more runs to graduation! am looking forward to Week 8 and new routes ahead!

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Well done with the hills! Good luck for the next run!


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