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Pain means something IS wrong!!!

Pain means something IS wrong!!!

In my own experience, if something is painful there is generally a good reason.

After only running W1R1, my knee started hurting, almost 2 weeks later, not much better.

No use going to see my GP, as I know I would be told to take pain killers and anti-inflammatory tablets and maybe given a Cortisone injection, hence a visit to my Chiropractor. Initially she thought it was from my SI joint but I was still in pain and went back today and it is definitely a knee injury.

So I am sat here with strapping on my leg, from below knee to high up on my thigh, quite tight to keep it straight, which enables me to be able to walk on it without pain and have to go back Friday.

While there must be many people on here who have had various injuries and recovered fully, it is still worth getting checked out, long term injury is not good.

On a brighter side, it is still great reading how well everybody is doing and also how others encourage people who are struggling just at the moment, keep running safely and be proud when you do. :)

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Poor you!!! :(

Just wanted to share that I am on my third attempt at C25K having injured my knee on week one of my first attempt and week two of my second. This time I decided to join the gym and use the treadmill rather than run outside. I am now on week seven and finally feel like i'm going to complete this!

Might be worth considering for when you're mended! :)

I wish you a speedy recovery :)


The manger of my gym suggested putting the treadmill on a slight downward slope -2 which takes some of the pressure off your knees.

Hope you get better soon.


I never heard running of at a minus gradient before, you learn something new every day!

I feel your pain Ruff, but in my ankle! I got new insoles a couple of weeks ago now to help me get back into running 3 times a week rather than just once (because of my slight ankle pain I've been cautious). I thought all was well as reported in my last blog...but an hour or so later I started to feel it! Pretty gutted. I'm going out tomorrow, but will be taking things very slowly and keeping it short as it feels back to normal now.

Patience is a virtue!


Apparently most treadmills are set at +1 being normal so by taking it down -2 it actually ends up as being -1. If that makes sense?! Treadmill is softer on your knees than road and downhill slightly better, at least short term. Whole treadmill thing is so dull...


Really sorry to see that photo and hear about your injury :( And you got this so quickly. Did she explain what the injury was?

This is real bad luck for you :(


Bums and arses! What a bummer for you :( You must be gutted?

I hope you get well soon and are back on your feet and trotting along nicely before you know it. I feel your pain :(


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