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Knee pain but so want to run

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Anyone know how to help knee pain. It is an old injury which has developed a bit of arthritis and has come back to haunt me. So want to run but when it was a twinge on Wednesday I ran and after it hurt worse to point could hardly put any weight on it. So probably need to rest it. Anyone know what should do to speed up recovery so I can get back out running?

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For many years I dismissed the idea of running, because of my dodgy knees. At one point I had stopped going out for walks with my family because of discomfort in both my knees, as a result of wear and tear working in the building trade and so visited my doctor, who showed no sympathy and told me to come back when I could no longer walk...........for a self employed joiner that meant out of work too!.

I went away and researched, coming across tales about glucosamine with chondroitin which had transformed people's lives. There is little scientific evidence to back up the claims, but plenty of anecdote. For most it is not a quick fix and may take months before any effect is noticeable. This was true for me, with most discomfort disappearing gradually enabling me to rejoin my family for long walks.

It was several years before I could consider running and when I started I intended to only run off road which is considered to have less impact on the body. Five years on from C25K my knees are generally fine but probably my most vulnerable area. I swear by glucosamine with chondroitin. It works for me although may not be so beneficial for someone with an old injury. It might be worth trying though. Best of luck.

I shall give it a try. Thank you. I am so frustrated. Graduated from c25k couple of weeks ago and been continuing with my 30 min runs. 2nd week post graduation and my knee has started to hurt. Hopefully the glucosamine with chondroitin will help.

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I take it too now since you mentioned it 👍

Our knees get stronger don’t they. Ankles! Everything

The sessions need only be done really slowly and you can leave two days between sessions See how it goes If you can walk you should be able to do these sessions

I think sometimes we are too fearful. Please give it a try when your knee feels better 🙂

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Hurts to walk at mo. But with each minute I am assessing to see if pain is less and can get out!! Was going to leave it til Sun but weather here is looking very wet all day!!

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Rain is ok though. Put your cap or hat on and some light top,or jacket 🙂

It’s stopped raining here at last 🙂. Maybe it will where you are 🌈


Have just found this site which looks interesting, see the link below, could be expensive but maybe worth it if all else fails. The glucosamine and chondroitin option would be worth trying first though..


I had an old knee injury from swimming as a child, which flared up once I got into week 3 or 4. It began to hurt to walk in that leg.

I bought a knee support from Amazon. I didn’t think it was tight enough to do anything, but I’ve not had any knee pain or pain walking/running since. Might be worth a try, but obviously it will depend upon the reason for your knee pain.

Good luck!

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