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How do I get my enthusiasm back after an injury?

I had a knee injury around 3 weeks ago and i had to stop running. My knee was better about a week ago but I still haven't been back out running again. I can't seem to sum up the enthusiasm and I keep finding excuses not to go running. I am finding this frustrating as I am worried that if I don't go out again soon I will undo all the hard work I have done over the last 9 weeks. I had completed the programme when I got my knee injury and was able to run for half an hour quite comfortably. Does anyone have any tips that might help me get back into the right frame of mind again? :(

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Motivation is a very personal thing. Why did you try C25K in the first place? Is it for your health? To lose weight? To be able to run in a race? To keep up with your (putative) kids/dog/partner? Try thinking back and ask yourself if whatever you wanted was being achieved with the running. If so, then see if you can write down some instances where it made you happy and why you want that again. Then give it to a (preferably active and healthy) friend to hold you accountable. Or, even post it here and ask the community to hold you accountable.

Maybe your motivation is flagging because you aren't getting what you thought you wanted out of C25K. If so, then you have a decision. Are there other benefits you like with C25K? Or do you want to try to get your needs met another way? A random example: maybe you wanted to lose weight (which can be slow with C25K alone). If that wasn't totally working for you, and you still want to lose weight, you can add something else to meet that goal (like diet). But still, you clearly liked being able to run for 30 minutes, so what other side-benefits do you get from the program? Maybe you would like to run with other people, win a medal, join a club, train for a trek through Nepal. Whatever it is, ask yourself what additional concrete goals might excite you and add that to your list.

Finally, and probably most importantly - just get started. Today. No excuses. Overcoming the inertia is the hardest part. Promise yourself that just for today you will get back on the wagon and at least start one run. Before even worrying about long-term goals and motivation. Just one run, today. Once you get started, it will be so much easier to keep going. All you have to do is put on your runners and go out your front door - whatever you achieve after that is a bonus and you will have succeeded. You can do it!


I'm a bit the same, I didn't run for about 2 weeks now I'm finding it really hard to get back out there.

I'm starting with little goals, I've decided what days i will run this week and I will stick to them. No excuses!

I'm counting on the fact that once I get going i'll get back into it and find my running mojo again :)


I'm just back from nearly 5 weeks in total ( due to injury ).

On tuesday i did 20 minutes very slowly.

On Friday ( yesterday ) I did week 6 run 3 very very slowly.

Just wanted to hear Laura at the end say "you're a runner" and know what ? It made me smile and think "yes...I am !" .....try it .

I'm going to do one run each of weeks 7, 8 and 9.

That should do it !!!!!!!!!!! :)


Wonderful reply gypsydepp, I think if you have been bitten by the bug thats all it will take to get you going again. Well done.


Thanks love x


I'm "on the bench" because I did something to my calf muscle for the second time ... its coming to the time where it should be healed enough for me to go out on it but I'm starting to make excuses. Basicly I'm scared that I'll get injured again and seriously *&&A% it up and not be able to run or walk the dog. I'm stalled at week6. Does this sound at all similar to your situation?

Do you have any means of maintaining your fitness other than running? X trainer or swimming? You could do that whilst taking small steps getting back into the running. You could break yourself back into it gently w4 w5r1 w5r2 w6r1 w6r2 w6r3 w8 w9 with 2 or 3 rest days in between.


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