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Week 4 Run 1 - knee pain

Hi all - newbie to here (and to running). This morning I started week 4 of the plan - never, ever thought i'd be able to run for 5 mins without stopping but I managed it and feel so good for it. However when I'm running, I've noticed that my left knee feels like it's jusy going to 'go' sometimes - I get kind of a quick sharp pain and it feels like it's going to give way under me but then it goes away. I'm really enjoying this programme so would hate to pick up and injury - i've noticed it since week one so don't think it's just because the distances are increasing. Is it worth considering something like a knee support whilst running?


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You will feel niggles if you're new to running, and/or exercise in general. It's just your body noticing that things are different. Just continue running slowly and steadily. It really is important. Slow is good! By all means get a knee support. I did get knee trouble early on in C25k and it stopped me running for a bit but it hurt if I did or didn't run so I thought to heck with it and kept going. I found I could run off the niggle. As you get stronger the niggles should disappear. If you go slowly you will avoid injury

Take care, have fun, and hopefully you'll finish the programme without any further problems. If you do find the pain is increasing then stop running and rest up with your leg up and ice it. Painkiller if needs be and docs if things escalate

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Thanks for your reply misswobble, I'm glad to hear slow is good as I'm definitely not a speedy one :) I'm just happy that I've been able to run each session without stopping which I guess is the whole point :)

Fingers crossed the knee will behave itself!


Well done for starting c25k louisella,

Does your knee still hurt afterwards when you are walking? It might be worth taking a look at your running shoes. If they are not the correct type for your foot this can cause knee pain.

You may have overpronation and the high impact of running puts pressure on your knee joint.

Any chance you could find a local running shop that does gait analysis. They offer this for free and just film your running gait on their treadmill, then can suggest the correct running shoe to give you the support you need.

My husband did this and has not had any knee pain since.

Good luck :)

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If you look on the home page, there are knee exercises for runners, which may help.

Just don't over do it, better to miss a couple of days resting a niggle, than a couple of weeks or months because of a torn ligament.

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Thanks both

My knee is usually fine after I've stopped running (and even during - it's just occasionally that it feels like it's going to give way - it's very mischievous!).

I'm definitely going to look into doing the gait analysis now that I know I want to get more into this challenge.

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Good idea. The shop will be freindly so don't worry. They will show you their findings and if you need a different type will suggest which ones. If you feel they are too expensive take a note of the name and look elsewhere for a good deal..

The guy in our shop showed us some exercises to help stretch out the knee.

You deserve a treat having come this far..

Hope this helps. :)

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