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Shin pain under control, but now knee is playing up .... Gaaahh!


Hi peeps,

So I stayed off running for a week as I had shin pain in my right leg. I did the RICE thing for first two or three days, then loads of exercises to cure shin splints I found on YouTube but no running at all - I hated not running. Thanks for your advice and tips MissWobble! I did go to the GP and she told me I could start again but to cut back from 6km to 3 or 4km by doing 1km walk, 1km run, 1km walk, 1km run etc. She told me to come back if any further problems.

So off I went and did a short 20min run, after which there was no problem. (I ignored her walk-run-walk-run advice though as I thought, well if I do that I may as well be back on bloody C25k again, and I did not want to go backwards, IYSWIM.

So after the 20 min run, I waited three days before running again, which I did yesterday, and I ran for 40 mins. I had intended to run for only 30 min but a great song came on my ipod and I felt okay and thought, Oh, what's the harm? it was a great run and I felt really good, during and afterwards, and when I stopped I felt I could have continued at least another 15 minutes.

I did shin stretches and exercises after warm-down (and before warm-up).

Yet later that evening I developed pain behind my kneecap on my left leg, which I've had no problem with previously. Now I'm back to RICE for the knee problem, sigh.....

The good news is that the shin pain on my right leg hasn't reappeared (yet).

After doing that for the past two days my knee is feeling better but I am going to rest it at least another day and reassess after that. I have a session booked with a personal trainer at the gym on Weds who is going to take me through some exercises to better protect me from running injuries. So my dilemma is, do I postpone the PT session (and risk a short run - 20 to 30min) - and go to the PT session is I still feel okay, or postpone running completely and go to the PT session on Weds, given that the worst of my knee pain has passed?

Cheers guys

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It sounds as if you have a problem somewhere else in your body that causes pain in your shins, knees etc. Probably feet and glutes. You are doing the right thing going to see a PT. I would skip the run until you have your first session as you will probably be itching to try out any new techniques after you see the PT! Good luck.

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Oh dear. It sounds as if you are not quite there yet. Ease back! Run shorter! Just minutes at a time. I literally did 2 minutes then had two complete days off and ran on the third day. I built up 2 mins, 3 mins, 4 mins up to 20 mins. It sounds interminable but it's not really. I was just happy to be running. If you ignore advice you won't get better. There is absolutely nothing wrong with run/walk!

The knee and shin pain is probably symptomatic of being new to running. We have to build up our strength gradually to support our running. You will get there but you have to just go steady.

I hate to say it but you have to be a patient patient. If you can run at all it will help keep you sane, but don't if the knee pain is more than just a niggle

Keep us posted x

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Thanks MissW. I am coming round to the idea of walk-run etc because, as you say, it is better than nothing. I am just concerned about losing my fitness. The good news is that my aches and pains are clearing up after a couple of days' rest, so things can't be that bad. I've held off until my appointment with the personal trainer tomorrow and I'll hopefully learn some good preventative stretches and exercises etc.

Trouble is, now I am hooked on running, I find it really hard not doing it! How long did it take you to get over your problem - I think you said months! Did you lose your fitness while you were recovering from your injury?

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Thanks, Irishprincess. I am seeing the PT tomorrow and have held off running, although I have run for the bus a few times!


I had 9 months off I had a huge wait for the NHS physio mainly as my GP forgot to do my referal letter 😯 The pain began in my knee after a tough hill race. it soon became apparent that it wasn't my knee. it's all connected though. I did lose fitness for sure in those 9 months of not running. I had trouble standing up sometimes! I had physio for some while before I could run, and then only for a few mins at at time

You can do some upper body stuff though ☺

My goodness, MissWobble, I'm surprised that such a severe injury didn't put you off running altogether! Nine months off, loss of fitness and barely able to stand! I think that would have done me in... It just goes to show the level of commitment you have to running!

I saw the personal trainer today and he was brilliant. He showed me some exercises for my leg and knee and made me do loads of squats. Then he showed me some exercises to strengthen my core and It was really hard! He must be good though as I am aching everywhere except my legs.

I am going to try a light run-walk tomorrow so fingers crossed!

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