Couch to 5K


I've just run for 6K!

But golly it was hard tonight and those endorphins were hiding from me.

My daughter and I went on a different, more public route for a change but it was a real struggle from start to finish with a highlight just before the first mile when I received a surprise peptalk from a friend through Endomondo - it really made me smile!

The route included a short but very steep incline which I am proud to say I managed to keep running up - I was seriously out of breath at the top - but I was determined to keep on running.

As we approached home we were both very tempted to cut the run short (well, short-ish at about 37 minutes) but I really wanted to get past the 3.5 mile mark that I had set in the previous run and I was hoping to get past 6K too so we kept on going past our street until we finally stopped at 47.30 minutes and 3.74 miles (6.01K). We were both beetroot red and totally exhausted but I'm really pleased with what we achieved :-)

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wow what a great acheivement!! well done , it's such a wonderful feeling when you manage a new personal best! x


Fantastic! You are amazing! I am only doing short (2mile) easy runs as part of a 10k training programme on Runners World Smart coach but it feels like I am cheating somehow!


Amazing! well done :D


YABADABADOO! Well done - you should be really proud of that achievement... Overcoming the mental challenges can be really satisfying.


Well done you; Attagirl!


A great outcome Lucy! Well done on getting to the 6k mark. Onward and upward (pardon the pun... You do have a thing with hills though!)


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