Woohoo! It's Green Badge Day! Finally!!!! :-)

Done, Dusted, Finished!!!! :-D After my sudden struggles in week 9 and the arrival of my new friend, Mr Stitch, I decided to have a week off before even attempting run 3 (partly because I was at work, partly because I needed a mental break from the whole running thing).

So today, I gave myself a big kick up the backside and decided I'd better get out there before I end up losing all my hard-earned fitness. Decided to take it dead slowly and just concentrate on getting round. I-pod was loaded up with a ghost story instead of music to keep my mind focused on something else apart from running, I went back to my old route for psychological reasons (never failed a run on there) and I convinced myself I was only going for 25 minutes anyway.

The first 20 minutes went pretty well and the story did help to keep me entertained, unfortunately then Mr Stitch decided he wanted to come, too and the rest of the run was fairly hard. However, managed to run through the stitch and completed the whole 5k in 32.30 - not brilliant, but I don't really care at this point. Still running slower than in week 8, but at least the speed is getting a bit more steady - the splits were all over the place in run 1 and 2.

So, off to send my badge application to JR21 now and it means I'll be allowed a C25K T-shirt once they come out! :-) Going to mix things up a bit with the new podcasts now, and once the 5k feel a bit more comfortable, I might give our rather hilly Parkrun a go! ;-)

Thanks for all your encouragement and support guys - I would have never stuck to the programme without you! :-)


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26 Replies

  • Congratulations

  • First of all, a HUGE well done! You graduated - what a brilliant feeling that is, and so worthy of the little green badge! I hope you don't feel too disheartened by your speed. The important thing is that you still managed to run for that entire length of time, which is AMAZING! I'm nowhere near running the full 5k yet so you're faster than me hehe :)

    Congratulations, and good luck with the new podcasts!

  • A huge and very loud well done tantrumbean - I was looking out for your graduation post - brilliant! And your 5k speed is nothing short of a miracle. Amazing! I'm so glad you've completed C25k after all the trials and tribulations. I'm happy to say I just got back in the swing by trying my legs out for 10 minutes - the old calf pain seems to have subsided but I'll be taking it slowly.

    I hope you have an extraordinary celebration - not on the night shift I hope! Well done again!

  • Thanks guys! I have to admit I am rather pleased with myself - feel like I should be wandering around with a mortarboard and gown and have my picture taken with a C25k certificate in my hand! ;-)

  • Many congratulations :)

  • Brillant! Well done!

  • And then the website crashes! Can't believe it did this on my graduation day when I just wanted everyone to know I'd done it!!!! :-(

  • Congratulations!! :D :D

    I saw your post last night but couldn't get on it :(

  • Congratulations from me too, tantrumbean - amazing! It must be a fantastic feeling!

  • Thank you! Still very happy this morning - now just need to wait for the arrival of the coveted green badge! :-)

  • Congratulations! "Done, dusted, finished" That's brilliant! and now you have just started your running journey :)

  • congratulations! Lovely to hear your news and see your badge- I caught just a glimpse of mine this morning before the site started acting up so I think I'll take a screenshot while it's still there! :)

  • Oooooh! The badge has arrived as well, yay! :-)

  • Congratulations on graduation :D You did it :D

  • Congrats fellow graduate... they can finally see our posts :)... lovely green badge isn't it :)

  • Hehe! Congratulations to you again, too! All that effort for a few green pixels! ;-)

  • Tantrumbean, your a graudate, well done, keep at it- there is no stoppping you now.

    congratulations as you stand on the podium to a round of applause from us all.

  • Congratulations and well done you. Saw your post last night but couldn't get on the website to send my congratulations. Virtual flags waving and big cheers! :-) Onwards and upwards now with the new podcasts? PS I'd be over the moon if I could do 5 K in 32.5 mins! Still working up the courage to do a parkrun but my local one posts pretty fast times. Reckon they'd be sending out search parties for me at the moment!

  • Thanks! Someone ran under 16mins at my local parkrun a couple of weeks ago - that is scary!!! :-( And you have to climb up the most horrendous hill in history 3 times (I have managed to graduate without facing a single hill, so not exactly prepared). Plan is to go out with my friend tomorrow and do some hill intervals on said hill - that sounds fun, doesn't it? :-/

  • Couquer those hills! I had been avoiding the hill outside my house for months but finally had to brave it. I think you'll find that you have built up a lot of fitness and it won't be as bad as you feared. While the hills are not my friends yet I'm getting better at tackling them and it does give the calf muscles a good old stretch! :-) Good luck tomorrow!

  • Yay well done you. Just done mine today so am also applying for my little green badge! Hope JR21 doesnt run out lol! x

  • Well done yourself! :-) Looks like JR21 managed to track down a leftover badge for you then!? ;-)

  • Yeah phew, think he found a spare one down the back of his sofa ! x

  • Congratulations :D I hope the hill runs weren't too bad!

  • They got cancelled due to extreme heat...not a good start to post-graduate life, but hey...

  • Fantastic, well done. You did brilliantly to battle against stitch too. I finished today too, its such a fantastic feeling isn't it. I haven't stopped grinning like a cheshire cat all day :-)

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