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Cracked 5k - and then some!

One week after graduating I have managed to crack 5k - but definitely NOT in 30 minutes - but speed isn't my focus, I'm more interested in being able to keep running.

I've discovered that once I get past the first 10-15 minutes of running along thinking "I can't possibly do this, what am doing this for.........." I actually get "used" to running and can carry on for much longer than I ever anticipated.

Yesterday my daughter and I went out initially intending to run for 30 minutes but hoping to be able to push it to 40 to do the 5k that I'd just missed on Thursday, but we found we were able to run for nearly 44 minutes covering 3.55 miles - that's 5.7k (nearly 6k!!!) I included a sprint towards the end (well, I call it sprinting and it's one heck of a lot faster than my normal running) and could have probably carried on for longer if I'd tried.

I'm getting such a high from running - partly I expect from the endorphins but mostly I think from the sheer sense of pride and achievement! I really never thought I could do this but I can and it's great! It is so wonderful to feel good about myself for once :-)

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Yay Lucy!!! How wonderful to read this :-) I totally agree about 'getting into it' - it's such a shame that newbies don't get to that point for quite a few weeks - but yes, I'm much better if left to just run for x minutes or y km. I kind of settle into it, 'yeah, I'm running - whatever, it's what I do' kind of thing. Then I think the key is not to do TOO much more than you planned, even though you know you can - leave a bit more in the tank as it were.....

Oh and those endorphins!!! It's a good job you can't buy them over the counter at Boots, otherwise there'd be no incentive to get off the couch in the first place!! I was worried I'd mislaid the little blighters, but upping my distance yesterday gave me SUCH a buzz, and suddenly life in general looks a whole lot more manageable.

I'm so glad you feel good about yourself too - the 'for once' made me feel a bit sad and I don't want to pry, but I really hope that this is the start of a wonderful new start for you. You have come such a long way - and you have so much more in front of you now!! And modelling it for your lovely daughter too.....Go you!!!! Lots of hugs to you both xxxx


Thanks for your lovely comment. The "for once" is sadly true as I don't have a great deal of self-esteem but this running malarky is definitely changing that!

I'm so glad you re-found your sneaky endorphins on your last run - they are so fab!


Isn't that odd? I find that even more now; I can feel a bit lumpy for a while but suddenly it seems to slot into place and it feels like I can go on and on and, so long as I don't stop, I can keep going.

There is something about keeping going that keeps the lubricants flowing or something. When I did my 10 mile adventure a few weeks ago I felt that whilst I was running I could probably have kept going but as soon as I stopped I could hardly stand up 8-|

But where you are at now was when it really paid off for me, I didn't love the process of 'learning to run;' I was always after the time I could just 'head out' not necessarily with any particular plan in mind and knowing that so long as I didn't do anything stupid I could get home.

Just a chance to 'play' with my fitness, try different routes, explore some of the footpaths which criss cross my area and know where they all go: its amazing I have lived in this area for forty years or so and there are so many little nooks and crannies I never knew existed.

You have done the work now and, to me, this is where your investment starts paying off! I hope you keep enjoying it as much as you obviously are.


Thanks Greg - I know what you mean about being able to keep running but then falling apart when you stop! My shins were hurting through the run but it was bearable, as soon as I stopped they were terrible!


Hey Lucy,

Well done you, great to be able to share running with your daughter - I am a couple of weeks behind you, can do the 30 mins but not the 5k yet so I am planning to do exactly the same as you after I graduate. I'm still looking forward to getting the "runners high"


Thank you - my immediate goal is to keep increasing the time I run for but one day I would like to increase my speed too as I'm a long way off 5k in 30 minutes!


Well done Lucy, what an amazing achievement you should be proud. I found running boosted my confidence and that this has spread over into other aspects of my life so "here's looking at you, kid"! x


Thank you - I really am proud and you are right, the sense of achievement does affect other aspects of your life too :-)


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