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Couch to 5K
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Week one session 2 - eek!

Having read all the posts on here i am a true couch potato (TCP!) so when I started last week I thought, will I even be able to run 60 seconds? While it wasn't horrible I did it, and yesterday I did w1r2 and it was not only easier, but it flew over. So, of course, I came away thinking oh yes I can do this, i will be fit in no time, then I looked at the weeks ahead and what i could expect and panicked.

How on earth will I be able to run 20 minutes no stop in just a few weeks from now? The thougt of running 3 minutes is terrifying. i just dont know if it's possible!

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Don't look ahead. That's like giving an infant school child jst learning to read the complete works of Shakespeare!

In week 1 I barely thought I would survive, now I'm in week 7. The programme really does work. In January I was 16.5stone at 5ft 7 and 38 years old never having exercised regularly as an adult. Now, with diet and exercise, I'm nearly in the 11s and know darn well I can run 25mins non-stop!

Focus on pacing yourself so you can start and stop when prompted and aim to enjoy it and not make it too tough. If its too tough you want want to go out next time. It's not a race, it's about enjoying making 30 mins part of your regular routine.

You can do this. I'm willing to bet that you're in no worse shape than I was, or many of the others who started on C25K. The clue is in the title of the programme x


You're an inspiration Joysmum. I got on the scales last night and it wasn't a happy moment. I was wondering if you could give me a little insight into what exercise and diet plan you have been following. I would sure love to be down in the 11s again! By September when I start Uni again...do you think its possible? in 14s at the moment. according to bmi and wii (evil machine) i'm obese :(


It's hard isn't it.

Any healthy eating plan with a deficit in calorie requirements will see you losing the weight. The key is in finding the right one for you and then planning ahead so you have distraction and coping strategies in place to help you through your tough times.

For me, I love Cambridge weight plan. There are 6 different plans to choose from so it's not all about total conventional food replacement! I started off doing that though and found it helpful to detox my body and mind. After 2 stone I moved up to step 2 (810) and started C25K a couple of weeks into that. After 2 stone lost on that I stepped up to step 3 (1000) as the running became more of an obsession, plus I horse ride, so step 3 was more appropriate for where I am now.

Have a little look at various options you think might suit YOU though. My preference has always been for a low GI low carb plan. The Cambridge follows those principles with the added bonus of me knowing I'm getting all the vits, mins, lipids and trace elements my body needs as this is so hard to achieve on a low cal diet. I've tried many diets over the years including all the well known ones that so many people have had success with.

I hope you find a way forward that's right for you.


Thank you so much for you time and advice, I'm going to check the Cambridge plan out now :)


No problem. You're not me though so think about where you think your weight has come from. Until you do find the right way forward for you I really do recommend doing a food diary detailing what you eat (even the tiniest picky bit!) and the feelings and situation you're experiencing when you eat. By doing this you will see a pattern emerge of what your particular challenges are and then formulate a plan tailored to play to your strengths and confront your weaknesses. Knowing where the problems are is more than half the battle. Good luck!


I know exactly what you mean, I completed W3R1 yesterday and before I did it I was really worried that I wouldn't be able to run for 3 minutes. But I not only managed it, I actually enjoyed it! Now the 20 minutes is scary to me, but I keep telling myself that this programme has been set up to help non-runners to become runners and they've set all the timings so that we can achieve it.

Good luck! x


I agree, just did first session week one this morning. When I got up I couldn't actually put my jogging bottoms on - it's been that long since I exercised they're a few sizes too small...ooops! I put my 'yoga' bottoms on and prayed I wouldn't see the neighbours (lycra) but by the time I got walking I didn't care, felt empowered. I have been a TCP too, I hope I find session two easier, because I did find it difficult today. We'll have to wait and see ;)


Thank you so much for all the comments, this forum is great for just giving you a boost. No one else seems to appreciate the fact that I've never EVER 'been for a run' before, so for me to run 60 seconds 8 times is a big deal! So thanks for the comments! I did w1r3 yesterday but i think i pulled a muscle so i'm hoping i can recover quickly so i can get on to week 2 because i just KNOW i can do 90 seconds, but three minutes is a frightening thought, 20 minutes is terrifying!!!!


Let me know how you get on as well TheActualSarah - we started near the same time so can see how we progress!


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