Week one, session one - thwarted by the technology!

I did week one, session one today - well tried to................. all was going great and I was about to start my 5th run for 60 seconds when suddenly my ipod stopped and jumped to week 2! Needless to say this just about tipped me over the edge as I had enough trouble even knowing how to use the stupid thing in the 1st place - grrrrr!. I spent a couple of minutes trying to rewind or find my place but since Laura doesn't say what run number you are on it was a bit hopeless! So I put it back to the start and walked briskly home................... I was feeling pleased that it had gone well but I am left feeling that I don't really know how much of it I actually completed (didn't put a watch on) and don't know how it is supposed to finish off. I will try again and hope that our ipod behaves itself but may have to buy a wee cheap one (any advice on that gratefully received) if not as hubby says it has been skipping tracks at home sometimes.......... Hummph - just feel frustrated! Does anyone know how many 60 second runs you do in week one by any chance just so I know if I was nearly finished or what ?! Ta. Off to eat some chocolate - just joking!


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7 Replies

  • you would have done 8 runs in week 1. I went out with my husband when he started because he wouldn't run wear the ipod so I stood in the middle of the park and shouted Laura's instructions to him, rather like a ringmaster in a circus! :) You could always get your husband to do that while the ipod is on the blink!

  • Ha! Ha! That is an amusing image! Think I will persevere with ipod but may get a new one for myself. Thanks!

  • I had problems with a borrowed mp3 player for my first run, so I borrowed another one (great having sons' with tech equipment to borrow), but had problems with that too. I've just bought a lovely new mp3 player - a Sansa Clip from SanDisk. It's tiny - only 5 x 3 cm and has a built tin clip. It has a tiny, wee screen but the display is brilliantly clear and easy to read. Good sound quality. Costs between £30 - £35.

  • Thanks for advice - I am a techno-phobe as you may have guessed! Would the Sansa Clip thingy be compatible with an Apple Mac computer do you know? Ta.

  • I've just looked at the online instruction manual - mp3support.sandisk.com/down... - and all the way through it gives instructions for Windows and Mac. Have a browse yourself and see if you think it will be simple enough for you to feel comfortable using it.

  • My mp3 player allows me to lock it by holding down one of the buttons for 5 seconds. It won't change between tracks then if i accidently touch it. Id be suprised if ipod didnt have a similar function. Another idea might be to only have the recording for whatever week you;re onto on your ipod and nothing else then if you do knock it at least its easy to find.

  • Thanks for help with technology! Can't believe how quickly you get replies to blogs - everyone is so friendly - I never got this much chat on Facebook! Anyway - I will look into both suggestions and try to 'keep on running'

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