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ParkRun 5K ... and last run tomorrow :)

Hi all!

I'm just back from a weekend in London. My running gear took up most of my luggage!

Yesterday, I entered a Park Run! I almost didn't turn up, as I was so nervous. I went anyway, and according to the podcast I ran the 5k in about 32 minutes :)

That was W9R2, so last run tomorrow. Then I plan to work on speed for a few weeks, and then start on B210K.

I'm a bit sore today as I didn't get a proper warm-down yesterday :/ Also, I had some fruit juice at breakfast whichI know is a big no-no (ran at 9 and need breakfast, but normally I run at 7 on an empty stomach) and thought I was going to throw up at one point ...

But I am looking forward to finishing my 30 mins tomorrow - and hopefully requesting that shining greem 'graduate' badge! :)

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wow what a fab time for 5k...very jealous!


Yeah - covet, covet, covet....... but great stuff Chris!! Which parkrun did you do?


Ha ha the good book says you can't covet my add or my slave, but it doesn't say anything about a run :) it was finsbury park. Might try somewhere flatter next time, hill was hellish!


Well done on braving the park run....think I'll wait for more clement weather!

Good luck on graduating tomorrow! :) :)


Just got my official time, 31.56 mums. Am delighted! :)


Not surprised you're delighted!! Dammit - you haven't even graduated yet and you're way faster than me!!!

i have committed on here to do a parkrun on 2nd June so we'll see what I can do - but I bet it has a 4 at the beginning of the number......

Well done my friend :-)


Yes, but you ran for over an HOUR! That's something I couldn't manage yet! :)


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