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Last run - before or at the park run?

I did my second week two run yesterday. It was horrible compared to run one, as is the pattern for run twos in the programme. Bad asthma once finished possibly adjusting to cooler air but also I was surprisingly faster despite how I felt.

So I need to set up run three and am wondering whether to do it tomorrow and then park run Saturday, or skip running and wait for Saturday. I’m currently in the gym so will a ten min run and could do a short run instead tomorrow. I also need to eat before the run which is tricky as I tend to breakfast later than 9am. Any advice? I’m on for a time in low 30s but I find it tough even after getting this far. Thanks.

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Its not quite clear from your first sentence, but if I am right you are due to graduate on your next run?

My advice would be to run as normal tomorrow and make park run a post graduation goal. You just need to run for 30mins now and that doens't necessarily sit with parkrun. You may have to cut your run short or run for longer then 30mins.

Stick with the programme as you have until now. Parkrun will still be there next week.


If you're planning to do parkrun Saturday it's best not to run at all tomorrow, even if it puts your schedule out a bit.

I never eat before a morning run and plenty of people don't but you can always try to have something small like half a banana beforehand plus water of course.

Best of luck and enjoy parkrun 😁


Sorry, thought it was Friday tomorrow, shift work messes my head up! Just have a rest day between runs!!

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Yes I will be on the very last run and thus “graduate” whether I do it tomorrow or wait for Saturday. I want to it this week, partly as I’m impatient and want to have achieved it sooner, partly due to the cooler temperatures making it harder in the coming months due to asthma (and wanting to hide under my duvet). Plus kids activities make the logistics tricky.

If I run tomorrow I may hit 5km at 30 mins anyway. I ran 6:25 average on Friday and 6:10 yesterday and I didn’t mean to speed up, I’m just consistently trending that way by going with how I feel. I suspect an extra 60 seconds and I would’ve pushed over into 5km.

I just want to give myself the best chance of having a good run where I feel I’m coping, I didn’t yesterday. Food will help as I’ve been dieting, low calorie but also moderating my carb intake. Due to living on a calorie deficit I can’t skip food pre run, although the gym is fine. I guess lots of carbs for dinner the night before may help.

I didn’t get on the treadmill at the gym, too busy, so I could do a short run tomorrow or later today.


I’d graduate and get it done. Then chill out and enjoy parkrun.

As for breakfast, if you’re used to breakfasting after 9, you could take a packed breakfast for after parkrun... or go for their post run coffee and have something from the cafe?


Ok I’ll give tomorrow a go as originally planned - it was only because yesterday was so tough I thought resting more may help. I will still have the c25k app playing while I run. I tend to run an hour after breakfast, and two coffees. I ran the junior park run 2km on an empty stomach and really felt it, so I will have to force some food down and take a snack. 1200 calories a day doesn’t leave much in reserve so I risk passing out if I don’t eat beforehand. Only 3lb to target so I’ll up my calories in a few weeks to maintain.


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