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Veggie runners?

Hi everyone,

Thought I'd finally sign up here after seven weeks of snooping around and reading all your posts!

I was wondering whether there are any other veggies out there, and if so how easy you find it to keep yourself 'fuelled up' for your runs? I'm on week 8 and have been surprised how difficult I've found it to make sure I'm eating enough to make up for all the extra exercise I'm doing, without falling into the trap of eating endless bowls of pasta, and lots and lots of cheese!

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Hi there, welcome!

I eat very little meat and fish but find as long as I eat something like a banana or oatcakes an hour or so beforehand I'm ok.. My appetite is greater for sure since starting doing the programme and I've put weight on.... I have read a few articles on the Internet about what's best to eat so I'd be interested too in seeing what others say....


I would try eating nuts (unsalted) which are a good source of protein and polyunsautrated fats. They also provide useful minerals and vitamins- almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts are particularly good. Eggs are a superb source of protein and provide all the amino acids - they would also help with any muscle repair. Sweet potatoes (high in vitamin E and C) are a good source of carbs as are quinoa, whole grain bread, brown rice and barley. Kidney beans and chickpeas also help with fibre and protein. Hope this helps.


I stopped eating meat last september & have now been running for a year. I was a little concerned so now take something called "a,b,c plus" which was recommended by holland & barratt. I eat quorn & have read that it contains similar amounts of everything like meat but if I have a big run planned I like to fuel up on jacket spuds or vegetable curry or home-made pizza the night before, which I feel as if I can have big portions of, just cause I need it to run off the next morning!

if you do begin to feel drained then perhaps a vitamin supplement would be beneficial in the long run.


I'm a veggie too! I have a handful of trail mix and a banana before I go out early in the morning and when I get back I make a porridge of quinoa, oats, cinnamon and grated apple or muesli with yogurt.

Baked beans are good with whole meal toast and eggs for lunch. Bulgar wheat is a good substitute for rice, you could have roasted vegetables with pine nuts. There's nothing wrong with pasta, just make sure it's brown.

I've read that fruit loaf is a good snack to have, I eat lots of fruit with yogurt but also snack a lot on trail mix, perhaps that's why I've put weight on! I do feel better though.


Never occurred to me that it would be a particular issue for me as a vegetarian. C25K doesn't seem like exercise of sufficient intensity to present any particular demands.


I guess I'm veggie at the moment. I am on a very low calorie diets so have foodpacks totalling 520 cals a day and virtually no carbs. I haven't had any problems so far but I am allowed an extra on run days if I'm really hungry :)


I'm not veggie but I always have a banana (carbs) before my run and a couple of boiled eggs (protein) afterwards.


Thanks for all the replies, there's some really useful tips here. Think I'll definitely have to try to get more eggs into my diet, and look up some slightly more substantial veggie recipes - I can be a bit lazy in the kitchen and end up relying on soups and salads a bit too much! All this talk of jacket spuds and fruit loaf is making me hungry... :)


Googleme, yes I agree. I don't eat any other meat, apart from a bit of fish occasionally and I never saw it as a problem. I have my own hens so we have loads of eggs, and I use quorn. A banana is good before a shorter run...and plenty of energy bars available for very long runs. (Can't beat a flapjack!! lol)



I am not suggesting this is the case with you, raspberryface (love that name! but just wanted to share this.

I go on the exercise forum on another website a famous weight loss organisation) now and again. There are often posts on there from members who unwittingly make the mistake of eating more because they start exercise but unfortunately overestimate the amount of extra food the exercise "earns".

I found a link on the Runners world website - but it wont post on here! - that shows the calories burned in 10 mins of running and which of course varies according to your weight and how fast you run.

I am 11 stone 6 (was 15.8 last July!) and run quite slowly. The chart shows that if I run 12 min miles (I actually run slower but the link doesn;t go down that far lol!) then I "only" burn an extra 97 cals every 10 mins.

Sorry I cant add the link here - I get an error message - but its worth googling!

Just thought it would be of interest, especially to those who, like me, are using running as part of a weight loss plan.


Essentially calorie burn during the runs can only be about 400 at the highest, I burn about 240 but am only on week 4. I always find it quite difficult to reach the recommended calorie intake for a day without having a takeaway of some description anyway so am just trying to eat sensibly, I dont do energy bars or drinks but I have been having something oaty, whether it be a bowl of porridge or a couple of oaty biscuits and bananas, bananas, I love bananas! If you eat well as a veggie it shouldn't make too much difference at this level, good luck with working it out right for you!


I always eat a banana before a run, and have changed my old breakfast habit of toast with butter to a granola with natural yoghurt which is lovely (Lidl do a deluxe fruit granola with lots of lovely seeds coconut and cranberries yumm!) I now try and eat some almonds as a snack as well instead of crisps! I always eat a lot of quorn and eggs for protein.


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