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Graduates = Elite Runners!!!

Well that's how I veiwed them all... untill I became one myself.. lol

Now I realise we are just a bit more experienced and still have to fight every bit as hard :)

Went out for my first post graduation run last night....not been out since my graduation on Thursday.. gave myself a good rest as I had pushed for the 5k.. and still being cautious with the knee :)

It's been so hot so we've all had to re schedule runs to fit around..So it was 9:30pm when I set out..lovely and cool and had the courage to bare the legs and wear some shorts!

It still took willpower and all through the first 20 mins I struggled with heavy legs and gremlins nagging n my ear just to stop for a walk rest.. that's when I started thinking.. right no laura.. no programme.. just my own determination.. so get down and grit the teeth woman.. your graduation badge didn't make you an elite runner.. ( early week thoughts of you all)

But we do learn along the way.. we can do it..keep putting one foot in front of the other and yes we can do it..still it was a tough 30 mins and the slowest I've ran yet.. so quest.. I will keep up 3 runs a week.. keep focused.. onwards and upwards..

I rd sleep like a baby though :)

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You have got it right there... one foot in front of the other:) Some runs, that is all you can focus on :)

But, you are a runner, we are runners, and we are amazing!

Well done you, for just getting on with it, despite the leaden legs, and clad in shorts too! Wow! :)

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Ohhh I love the fact that I had been viewed as an elite runner for a little while. Hehe in reality you should see me run. You never stop learning with running. It's not a full on study course but just a gentle curve. I find that the information that is shared on this site is one of the best ways to learn to run and carry on learning. So many people willing to help with loads of great advice,


As a week 6'er you are in the elite group to me, not only have you finished this c25k journey, you then have to fight the gremlins and motivate yourself to go out regularly without the guilt of letting Laura down doing the motivation for you! Enjoy your elite status, you deserve it!


I'm into week 9 post-grad and am still desperately searching for some internal elite-ism 😂😂😂

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Yep, still baby runners for a long time.

You did it though - and that is what the programme has taught you- you can push through and will feel great afterwards!

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Sparky66 my first post graduate run was very hard work x So much so I am going to stick with the app for a little while. I missed the time checks and the words of encouragemental.

I still have to make the magic 5k but I am sure I will know when the time is right.

Post grad run 2 tonight (I tried to get up for it this morning ha,ha!). I will let you know if it gets any easier x

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