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Senior runners ??

Hmm - I have been on this forum since 2013 and have always known that there were a number of we "Seniors" here ( my definition of Senior will be 60+ :) ) - some have stayed on and others have disappeared -- BUT another posting here has awakened me to just how many there are now!! I have to admit to being a bit astounded!!!!!! What has happened????? What brought you here ? How did you find out? What are your friends and rellies saying? How are you managing? Why are you doing it? I did use to think of myself as something of a "freak" - I often find aged runners at places like parkrun and my local running club but they seem mostly to be people who have run for a large part of their lives - I was always the only 67 year old newbie!!! I don't feel quite so isolated now!!!

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There are a few of us... I started at 65...68 in April... now, as you say, we are quite a crowd:)

Maybe, the CGG...Chronologically Gifted Group ?


Wow... I'm just a baby at almost 58 but that has not stopped me booking up loads of events this year and still trying to improve myself. I still feel like a newbie as I have only been running for 4 years.

However... I do understand that I am not in my 20's and I cannot expect to match their running paces although I know there are a few seniors who can!

I don't intend to stop running.. but I know that I may need a few more rest days from time to time and embrace a run/walk when required.

I know what a huge difference it has made to me both physically and mentally and I don't want that to change anytime soon!


60 and lovin it! Got loads of races planned, training like a pro and got another marathon booked for my 61st birthday. Yay! Go me. Just getting going with the gym and yoga, so it's all going on for this old bird

I was out at 5.30 in the rain this morning, walking my neighbour's dog. I don't know who I am these days. I certainly don't feel old


Oh I’m a newbie too! I’m 66 and started running about 10 weeks ago. I’ve just completed r1w9, so 2 more and I graduate! I’m being a bit careful this week as I found my legs hurt in the night after my last 30-minute run and it woke me up. My ankles have also been a bit sore but I periodically get that anyway when I wear a pair of shoes I’ve not worn for a while. I’ve always done some exercise - I do a zumba class every week, I walk and I swim; however running is new to me. I came to this programme through a friend who’s also doing it. I live by the sea and thought I’d give it a go. I run on the clifftop and my view is stunning with the Isle of Wight my view. Some days are tougher than others, especially when the cold winter wind is blowing and maybe I’m below par or haven’t slept that well, which is something a lot of us seniors experience. Once the weather gets warmer I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more. I don’t have any great plans - maybe a Parkrun and possibly a 5k charity run. For me it’s about keeping fit in later life and enjoying the fresh air outdoors. I’ve no great wish to run faster or longer. My family and friends are impressed I’ve started running at 66, and I’m proud of myself too. It just proves that you’re never too old to try something new.


I have to catch up on Oldfloss/AndyD/misswobble and yourself Bazza 1234.

I have always wanted to be able to run, never made the time.

If it was easy no one would be doing it.🤔😂😂

I have only relatively recently got the passion to try and preserve my strength and cardio fitness.Mainly through the NHS One You website and local fitness initiatives.I have met a few inspiring local athletes at the local gym, Park and a locally run rehabilitation medical referral scheme.

I enjoy a very active regime of cardio and strength using expertise from above sources.

I want to run simply for all the reasons beautifully worded by your forum’s Jancanrun But also I am grateful that I may have the fitness to complete the C25k and the required 3x5k parkruns.

I also wanted to try and take one for the people that have helped me and now even just after a week as a new member of this forum I want to do it also for this team and of course myself.

But only to graduate to enhance giving back.

I have held a humble pragmatic view that just maybe at a certain age I may never be able to run,excluding medical conditions.

And yet that is not true, age is no barrier to any physical and mental challenge.Life threatening illnesses are.

Maybe it is more of a challenge if you are in your nineties.

Look forward to catching up with your gems.

Good luck with your endeavours.

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Oh 67 - what a lovely age! I catch you up in a fortnight Bazza! Am still v slow and a bit of a fair weather runner - but I am enjoying my little outings over the downs (at least once a week) - and I wouldn’t be there without C25k and the forum. I don’t really feel any age when I’m running, just happy.

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:) - 67 was 4 years ago - am now 71!! :)


Must be the running that keeps you looking young 😉😉

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I used to go to the track twice a week with my sons one of which was a park run & I used to watch the runners & think why do they do this, they must be mad & it made me smile when they set off & all set their watches. So no way would I ever do that. When browsing the NHS website for something I came across C25K & in a moment of madness I thought 'I could do that' & the rest is history. Will be 60 on 3rd March. So never say 'never'. 😇

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This post must have passed me by Baz 🙄

I’m 69, started running in Oct last year after the loss of my sister. I decided to enter the London Santa Run in her memory not having ran for over 50 years.

I did the C25K programme and graduated at the Santa Run....great feeling 🤗

Since then I have completed the Bridge to 10k, doing a run in 1’08” which I’m really chuffed about. I’m doing a 10k race next Sat Mar 3rd at the same venue where I did my Santa Run, so a nostalgic visit 😊

I’m also going to be training for the Great North Run in Sept 😰

I have a long way to go to match your achievements though, you’re pretty inspirational my friend 😊

So you’re not the only senior here I’m afraid, there’s lots of us getting the bug 🏃🏃‍♀️🏃🏃‍♀️

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