Hello fellow runners!

See what I did there? I'M A RUNNER! Still can't believe it but Laura said I'm a runner and I trust her so it's okay. Goodness knows how I'm ever going to get to 5K mind you 'cos I did R1 of W8 this morning and although it was my longest time run (28 minutes) I only managed to cover 3K? Hey, I'm overweight and 61 so I'll take what I can get! Didn't think I'd ever manage to run five minutes non-stop so anything is possible. Can't wait for the next challenge...this stuff is BRILLIANT!


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  • Yay!! Lovely :D

    I graduated in October and was doing around 3.5k-ish on most outings. Now managing 5k in around the 35 minute mark and have seen some small bits of pace progress over the last few months...I think most are around the same distance at the end of c25k, so you are doing just great, runner!!! :D

    Enjoy the rest of the week - not far from the finish line now!

  • Thank you for your answer, I felt I was a bit TOO slow so you've encouraged me. Something else I'd like to ask if you don't mind? Everyone talks about 'when they graduate' which I realise is at the end of the first programme but does anything happen? Is there a certificate or anything? If so, wondering about my friend who has been with me every step of the way but not on here? Thanks for your time.

  • No! ...is the short answer! If you use the forum you can request the graduate badge for your profile, once you've completed the three 30 minute runs. You'll find the post for that in the 'pinned posts'.

    In my case, I was relieved to finish the programme and have loved (still enjoy) finding my own running way, without Laura. Having said that, I am a regular visitor to the forum, which is still a great place for support, encouragement & next step ideas!

    I'm working towards 10k now...8.5 is my immediate goal...my longest is 7.5k, so far. I use the Jeff galloway run/walk/run method, to help reduce impact on my body (had slow recovery time and pain/injury from continuous running). I get on really well with the method and my pace and distance better. Just continued with 3 x 30 min runs to begin with...I think most do.

  • Thanks, I think I may try the C25K+ after this but we'll see. Funnily enough I was telling my friend about the Jeff Galloway 'way'. Also useful to know if the old joints get a bit strained that there is an alternative and we don't have to stop altogether. I would be devastated if I had to give it up. Good luck for the 10K, I'm sure you'll manage it. Thanks again.

  • Hey well done to you :)) age and weight don't matter what matters Is that your out there and enjoying running distance and maybe some weight loss will come so carry on to the end of the program. I am 60 and graduated about a month ago and still enjoying being a runner.

  • Thanks, I have another 3 stone to lose after already losing over three stone so getting there. Yes, it would be a huge benefit if I lost more weight but it's DEFINITELY changed my shape for the better. Actually got muscles in my legs for the first time in donkeys years! Long may our enjoyment continue...

  • Well done - sounds as if your doing really well! Don't worry about the distance just rejoice in how far you've come in a few short weeks!

  • hey jenjan , dont worry about the distance :D you are running for 28min :D how good is that :D :D bloody good !!!! think back to week1 and running for just 1 min :D :D a great great improvement . so head up, chest out and go for it you are so close now :D really well done :D :D

  • Your post made me smile because you sound so fired up! Love it!

  • You are all so encouraging, thank you! x

  • You are all so encouraging, thank you! x

  • Jenjen I wondered how you were doing.

    That's amazing lady!! Well done you. Who cares what distance you do....you ran for 28 minutes!!!!! Just brilliant. So happy for you

  • Well done - that's brilliant ! x

  • Well done. The distance is irrelevant. What's important is that you've managed a full 28 minutes. Keep this up and in another week you'll be graduating.

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