Just a thought for struggling new runners

I'm just back from parkrun and have achieved my first ever DNF (Did Not Finish). I'm a bit disappointed but I have more pressing things to do next week that will go better if I am injury free. I am spending a couple of days with my other half with no work or distractions so I want it to be a good time, hopefully if he is well enough lots of walking.

The reason for not finishing park run was two fold. One my left leg hamstring was pulling a bit and two I was sapped of energy as soon as I started running. After parkrun I realised that I wasn't alone there were many there complaining of the same lack of energy as I have been feeling for a couple of weeks. My neighbours who came with me say that's exactly how they have been feeling too.

There has been a discussion on the Bridge to 10km forum about hay fever bringing us down a bit and sapping away at our runs and we know when this phase finishes we will all be back up to full power again.

I realised we are lucky we have an active knowledge on our running bodies and can pick up on small things and work out what's going on. If your just starting and suffering the same as us you will just think running is beating you.

If you are having a really rotten time please bear with it as it could be weather related and as the system passes on, hopefully in the next week or so you will find your running will feel so much better. If we are struggling it would make sense that some of you are as well.

I don't have the classic symptoms of hay fever but recently as soon as I start to run I get a dry mouth and feel dehydrated even though I have drunk as well as usual and then into to the run my energy just dips away.

The most important thing is not to give up keep going out for your runs but if it really is too much be kind to yourself.

I'm hoping that this post will help anyone who is struggling but thinks running isn't for them, the weather could be hindering you, you could be a natural born runner when it passes so please don't give up.

Wishing you all a happy healthy running week.

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15 Replies

  • I am sorry it just didn't happen for you today RFC and gald you can be philosophical about it. The good thing is that future more successful runs will be all the sweeter.

  • Thanks for that "sapped of energy as soon as I started to run" sums up what I have been feeling I was putting it down to high humidity

  • Hi RFC - Snap! I am another one who's struggling at the moment - in fact I am on a break from running for a week or so to see if my niggly hip will settle and energy levels increase! I think you made absolutely the right decision today and have given great advice to others. It is ok to stop and regroup! For myself, I have just got through a very tricky few months and am so proud of what I have achieved with my running this year, regularly running 10Ks. However, I think that maybe, everything has caught up with me at last! Better to stop and take a few breaths than end up with a nasty injury. I have also booked an appointment with a lovely physio to get her opinion on my hip. It is only an issue when I run and I can run through it, but don't want to worsen something if I can take advice and help it settle. I think the message is that running is a change for life for many of us on here. I know I am in it for the long haul and listening to our bodies is such an important part of that if we are to run successfully. Hope your hamstring settles quickly and enjoy those days off next week! x

  • I can't stop sleeping at the moment. If I go for a run I am guaranteed to crash out for a two hour nap afterwards. It would be great to think this might stop when the pollen does down. Fingers crossed!

  • A really helpful post RFC.... I think as you say , many of us are suffering weird things at the moment... I picked up on your comment about a dry mouth.

    I have a small drink of water just as I leave for the run, routine since I started the programme, and I do not take water with me, if I am running under 5K. But a few runs ago, only a short run, I had to call at daughter's house for a drink, as my mouth and throat were completely dry... not a nice feeling, never thought about the pollen etc. !

    i think this will reassure a lot of folk.. thank you and feel better soon :)

  • Well done on making the decision not to finish RFC. Thats just as courageous as trying to fight through and end up with an injury.

    The weather is very up and down at the moment and there have been loads of viruses and you had an extra busy time recently hosting that wedding & you'be changed your eating habbits a bit.... all in right decision well made.

    A good lesson for us all. X

  • Brilliant post RFC. Summed up a lot of niggles there. I'm sure we'll all feel better soon. Hope your time off goes well. Andy

  • Very wise words and I hope you enjoy your time with your husband and feel better soon :)

  • Thankyoy- that was just what I needed to hear! I finished w8r3 2 weeks ago and ended it on the IC, that improved and I have spent the last week with a cold/flu type thing that has left me so tired, on top of the hay fever that I already had. I keep thinking what a nice day it is for a run but I just feel breathless walking up the stairs still, and just generally drained, but the longer it goes on the more I think I won't be able to get back to it!

  • Good decision - just have to do what feels right at the time. Hope you have some quality time with your husband.

  • Ditto here. Last Monday I set off to do a run I normally manage fine and my legs felt like lead weights and I only carried on because I had to get home somehow. That night a cold/ cough came upon me. Sometimes I think we realise after the event and it all makes sense. I'm still very dry and think hay fever may also be playing its part. The changeable and humid weather doesn't help either. But as you said, I think being more aware of our bodies and how they work normally does help.

    Hope it all turns out nice again, in all ways.

  • Great advice Realfoodieclub.

  • That accounts for my having to walk twice on my 12k yesterday.

  • ...And I'm yet another one who was feeling a bit "off colour" yesterday, and so was Mr TT, we couldn't understand it! Definitely something in the air. Take care RFC, have a good week and keep well x

  • Great post Rfc , and yes I totally agree.

    My last 2 runs have been soo hard, I have had my " Cement Legs " on and have really struggled , I put it down to being so muggy and I know I haven't been drinking enough water :-(

    Hope you have a good week with Hubby and lets hope we all feel more energized soon ! :-) xxx

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