Hating Week 7

Is it normal to hate it? I've enjoyed every run until I hit Week 7 when everything has felt effort and hard and downright horrible. I've done 2 of the 3 runs now (having had to repeat one as I just caved in at 19 minutes) and Run 3 is looming and looking even more insurmountable than Runs 1 and 2 - even more than Week 6 Run 3!

It's really upsetting - it might just be the fact that it's the end of term and I'm exhausted and I just need to get to Friday and not be at work for a bit. Or it might be that 25 minutes is completely beyond me.

Feeling very demotivated :(


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18 Replies

  • It happens... How often do you run? I find that when runs get uncomfortable or completely horrible, if I take one more rest day the subsequent run is much better.

  • Stick with it. Those early continuous runs can seem like an interminable slog, especially after the euphoria of W5R3, but it will get better. This is the point when your determination and strength of will have to prevail over plain hard work and it is very easy to question whether it is all worth it. It is. This is a mental battle now and you can win it and come out the other side into the sunlit uplands of graduation.

    You won't regret it and in a few weeks will look back and wonder what was worrying you. Good luck.

    PS> Try running a bit slower!!

  • I would definitely say it's because you are nearing the end of term and exhausted. Our school year here finishes mid June and I am always knackered for at least a week afterwards. When your body is tired it lets you know!

    Week 7 is a tough week. I will always remember week 7 run 2 as my hardest run of the program when I really did wonder what on earth I was doing. I'm now on week 8 heading to run 3 and have just had two great week 8 runs. Take it slow and steady and you'll get there. It most definitely isn't beyond you. :)

  • You can do it GG! You are very close to the stage when the non stop running builds up to the 30 minutes. Think back a few weeks and see how far you have come!

    If it is tough, you can always repeat the week, but that graduation badge is within your grasp!

  • I think I remember week 7 being tough too. If you're tired because you've got a lot on elsewhere in your life, then it does make sense that you will need extra rest days. Don't be worried about losing your thread if you take an extra rest day. Also, make sure you don't just drink lots of water straight before the run, but also during the day before/the night before too. Being dehydrated can explain that tired feeling. Also, try starting the run really slowly and gradually increase speed after 5-10 minutes or so. That helps me a lot.

  • I remember feeling a sense of disappointment once I got to the longer runs, as I missed the intervals. It's something I came to terms with, mind over matter stylee. However, you're talking about feeling knackered. I echo what the others have said. I also found that cutting back too far on my food (I am dieting) had an effect on my energy - might it be that?

  • I agree with the extra rest day. You could also treat yourself to a new route or ditch Laura for one run and take your own tunes.

  • I'm ready to run W7R3 this evening and I too feel the same as you. We've come this far and certainly not going to give up now. I'm listening and getting encouragement from all on this forum and I know we can do this. Graduation is around the corner, lets go for it 😃

  • I did w7r3 last night and really wondered if I should leave it another day - it's near the end of term, I'd just come back from my daughter's graduation and was feeling pretty tired. In the end I decided to go out late when it was feeling cooler...I took it slow and steady and went back to a familiar route, and was surprised to find that I got through easier than I'd expected. I've found the long runs hard mentally; I try not to look at my watch but last night seemed to get into a bit of a rhythm (which had never happened before! mostly a lot of huffing and puffing and random speeds!) - I'm no expert but I'd say take it steadily. Best of luck - I'm sure you'll get there!

  • I too am on wk 7 and have found it as much of a mental challenge as physical. A dog walker ahead of me stepped out of my way having heard me puffing like a steam train from some distance away. I felt obliged to pick the pace up when passing her but had nothing else to give. Keep at it, I think where you run is important or at least interesting surroundings help me.

  • This made me laugh as l had exactly th same situation on Monday.

  • Keep going, You are so close now!! Be stubborn and don't give up even if you feel like you are going slower than walking. The next run will probably be better and if not the one after that is bound to be. The longer runs are a real effort or else everyone would be doing it lol! I'm two weeks post grad and today was ok whereas Tuesdays run was a slog and slow! Don't let your head talk you out of it and be smug when you finish! Good luck x

  • Both my kids are school teachers so I know how you must be feeling at the end of term!

    I'm sure once Friday comes and you are able to breathe a big sigh of relief it will help with your motivation. Give yourself a couple of days after that and go for it again. There's nothing wrong with having a few extra days of rest now and again.

    Week 7 is the toughest week for many of us, but keep going - you can do this, but as a large part of it from here on is mental strength you need to be in the right frame of mind!

    Good luck and let us know how it goes!

  • I too found wk 7 hard - I had to repeat several of the runs and also became truly sick of some of the music tracks having heard them so often. in fact was a good incentive to press on and get up to wk 8. Good luck!

  • Thank you so much, all of you. I'm going to try again tomorrow morning - I last went out last Sunday so it could be a challenge anyway!

  • Well, I've done it - just managed my 3rd completed run of Week 7 and I LOVED it! I went so much slower which I found difficult for the first 5 minutes, but then was grateful for by 15 minutes! Then, when Laura suggested I go faster for the last minute - I did it! Not even really out of breath by the end.

    Great start to the summer holidays. Week 8 is very do-able at that speed; I just need to remember I'm not going for Olympic gold!

    Thank you sooooo much everybody - I was ready to throw the towel in when I posted here the other day - now I'm looking forward to Monday's run. :)

  • GG, if I could 'like' that comment twice, I would!

  • Thanks :)

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